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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Marketing Major, BS in Business Administration – Collateral Option – Customer and Brand Strategy Track

Marketing in an organization has responsibility for identifying who customers are, what they need and want, and how best to meet those needs/wants by creating and delivering superior value to them. Marketing professionals use strategy tools to target customers, create value propositions and positioning for each target, and deliver and communicate value to these customers through product design, pricing, advertising, personal selling, promotion, and distribution.

Marketing education enables one to pursue varied career opportunities critical to organizations. Typically, a career in marketing begins in either consumer or industrial sales or retailing, which eventually may lead to management positions in any of several areas. For example, marketing professionals may hold positions in advertising, brand management, sales management, promotion management, marketing research, distribution, and other related areas.

Students interested in a marketing career will have a broad-based business education, which includes financial management, supply chain management, operations, human resources, business strategy, economics, and statistics. In addition to a broad array of courses in arts and sciences, marketing students will obtain a strong grounding in the social sciences to better understand the forces that shape consumer preferences.

uTrack Requirements

Universal Tracking (uTrack) is an academic monitoring system designed to help students stay on track for timely graduation. In order to remain on track, students must complete the minimum requirements for each tracking semester, known as milestones. Milestones include successful completion of specified courses and/or attainment of a minimum GPA. uTrack requirements only affect full-time, degree-seeking students.

Term 1

  • 2  Elective 3-4 Credit Hours *
  • 4 Unrestricted Elective 3 Credit Hours *

Credit Hours 16-18

Term 1 Milestone Notes

  • 2.5 cumulative GPA

Term 2

  • 2  Elective 3 Credit Hours *
  • 2  Elective 3-4 Credit Hours *

Credit Hours 15-17

Term 2 Milestone Notes

  • 2.5 cumulative GPA

Term 3

  • 2  Elective 3 Credit Hours *
  • 9  Elective 3 Credit Hours *

Term 4

  • 2  Elective 3 Credit Hours *
  • 4 Unrestricted Elective 2 Credit Hours

Term 5

Term 6

  • Collateral 6 Credit Hours

Term 7

  • 7 Track Requirements 6 Credit Hours
  • 4 Unrestricted Electives 5 Credit Hours

Term 8

  • Collateral 3 Credit Hours
  • 7 Track Requirements 3 Credit Hours
  • 4 Unrestricted Electives 5 Credit Hours

Total Credit Hours 120-124


  1. Must be completed by the end of the First Year.
  2. Chosen from the * list.
  3. Students who have already completed * with a C or better may substitute that for *.
  4. Any courses not already required for the major. Students admitted to Smith Global Leadership Scholars will fulfill 10 hours of electives with the following courses – , *, , , and .
  5. Students admitted to Smith Global Leadership Scholars will complete the honors versions of these courses: , , , *, *, , and *.
  6. Students admitted to Smith Global Leadership Scholars will not take these courses due to content being covered elsewhere in their curriculum.
  7. The requirements for the Customer and Brand Strategy Track are , , and one of: , , .
  8. First-semester freshmen should take ; transfer students should take .
  9. At least three hours from courses among the : *, *, *, or * lists.

* Meets .

Collateral Options for the Customer and Brand Strategy Track: