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2009-2010 Graduate Catalog 
2009-2010 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Dual MS-MBA Program – Sport Management

The College of Business Administration and the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences offer an integrated program leading to the conferral of the Master of Science with a major in sport studies (concentration in sport management) and the Master of Business Administration.

Increasingly, sports and sports-related companies are represented by significant business enterprises. Success in these enterprises requires the application of business fundamentals, analytical techniques, and management skills within the specific context of the sports industry. The objective of the dual degree program is to train individuals in sport management and business management to integrate both sport and management and to prepare them to undertake leadership roles in this growing, dynamic, and competitive industry.

Applications are accepted for fall semester only. Applicants for the MS-MBA program must make separate applications to and be accepted by Graduate and International Admissions for the Master of Business Administration program and for the Master of Science sport studies major (sport management concentration).

Students will initially apply for the MBA program, indicating on their application the intent to pursue the dual MS-MBA program. Students accepted for both the MBA and MS programs will be assigned to Dual Program Committee advisors, who will be responsible for course approval and supervision of the students’ progress through the dual program.

Applications by U.S. citizens and permanent residents received after the application deadline (February 1) will be considered as space allows. Additional information is required and different application dates are established by Graduate and International Admissions for international students.

The MBA curriculum consists of 33 hours of common course work in the College of Business Administration. Dual degree candidates enrolled in the sport management concentration are required to take 30 hours of graduate level sport management courses and internship.

The dual degree candidate must satisfy the curriculum and graduation requirements of the sport management concentration and the College of Business Administration. Students withdrawing from the dual degree program before completing both degrees will not receive credit toward graduation in either degree program for courses taken in the other degree program, except as such courses qualify for credit without regard to the dual degree program.

The MBA and MS degrees will be awarded upon successful completion of the requirements of the dual program.

Dual MS-MBA Curriculum


August – First Year

Hours Credit    
Business Administration BUAD 511  (MBA Core I) 3  

Fall – First Year

Business Administration BUAD 501  (MBA Career Development) 1  
Business Administration BUAD 512  (MBA Core II) 15  

Spring – First Year

Business Administration BUAD 513  (MBA Core III) 9  
MBA Elective Recommend: MARK 520 - Marketing and Customer Value 
SPMG 544 - Theories of Leadership and Leader Behavior in Sport  3  
BUAD 591 - International Travel  2  

Summer – First Year

SPMG 511 - Administration/Supervision in Sport  
SPMG 535 - Ethics in Sport Management   3  

Fall – Second Year

SPMG 532 - Research Techniques in Sport  3  
SPST 542 - Sociological Aspects of Sport  3  
Sport Management Elective 3  
Sport Management, Sport Studies, or Recreation & Leisure Studies Elective 3  


SPMG 501 - Special Project  6  
SPMG 595 - Internship  3  
  Total 63