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2009-2010 Graduate Catalog 
2009-2010 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The University of Tennessee


Ex-Officio Members

Governor, State of Tennessee
Commissioner of Education
Commissioner of Agriculture
President, The University of Tennessee
Executive Director, Tennessee Higher Education Commission

From Congressional Districts         District        Service Begins        Term Ends
William Y. Carroll  


  2005   May 31, 2011
Douglas A. Horne  


  2007   May 31, 2013
James E. Hall  


  2006   May 31, 2012
Don C. Stansberry Jr.  


  2002   May 31, 2014
James L. Murphy III  


  2003   May 31, 2009
Andrea J. Loughry  


  1999   May 31, 2011
Anne Holt Blackburn  


   2006   May 31, 2012
Betty Ann Tanner  


  2008   May 31, 2014
George E. Cates  


  2007   May 31, 2013


From Anderson, Bedford, Coffee,
Franklin, Lincoln, Moore, and
Warren Counties

          Service Begins          Term Ends
Charles Wharton   2006   May 31, 2012
From Davidson County        
Spruell Driver   2005   May 31, 2011
From Hamilton County        
John N. Loy   2008   May 31, 2014
From Knox County        
Charles Anderson, Jr.   2007   May 31, 2013
Robert S. Talbott   2007   May 31, 2013
From Shelby County        
Karl Schledwitz    2005   May 31, 2014
Monica Moore Hagler   2008   May 31, 2014
From Weakley County        
Crawford Gallimore   2008   May 31, 2014
Student Members        
Brittany McGruder   2007   May 31, 2009
Tyler S. Forest   2008   May 31, 2010
Faculty Members        
John Schommer
Verbie L. Prevost
  June 30, 2009
June 30, 2010

Officers of the Board

Governor Phil Bredesen, Chair
James L. Murphy, III, Vice Chair


Jan Simek, BA, MA, PhD - Acting President
Katherine N. High, AB, MAT, EdD - Chief of Staff
Sylvia S. Davis, BS, MBA - Vice President for Strategic Planning and Operations
Joseph A. DiPietro, BS, MS, DMV - Vice President for Agriculture
Hank Dye, BS - Vice President for Public and Government Relations
Linda Hendricks, BS - Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Mary Jinks, BS, MPS, EdD - Vice President of Public Service
David E. Millhorn, BS, PhD - Executive Vice President and Vice President for Research
Catherine S. Mizell, BA, JD - Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary
Henry Nemcik, BS, MPA - Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs
Mark Paganelli, BS, MPA - Executive Director, Audit and Consulting Services
Charles M. Peccolo, Jr., BS, MAcc - Vice President and Treasurer
Scott Studham, BS, MS, Executive MBA - Chief Information Officer
Theotis Robinson, Jr. - Vice President for Equity and Diversity
Gary W. Rogers, BS, MLA, PhD - Chief Financial Officer
Lofton Stuart, BS - Executive Director, University of Tennessee National Alumni Association and Assistant to the President
Hershel P. Wall, BS, MD - Interim Vice President for Health Affairs and Interim Chancellor, Health Science Center
Bonnie Yegidis, BA, MSW, PhD - Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Success
Thomas Zacharia, BS, MS, PhD - Vice President for Science and Technology



Jimmy G. Cheek, BS, MEd, PhD - Chancellor
Chris Cimino, BA, MBA - Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
Linda Davidson, BA - Vice Chancellor for Development and Alumni Affairs
Bradley W. Fenwick, BS, MS, DVM, PhD - Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement
Susan D. Martin, BA, MA, PhD - Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Margie Nichols, BA - Vice Chancellor for Communications
W. Timothy Rogers, BA, MA, JD - Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs



Caula A. Beyl, BA, MS, PhD - Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
John M. McRae, BArch, MArch - Dean, College of Architecture and Design
Bruce E. Bursten, SB, PhD - Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Jan R. Williams, BS, MBA, PhD - Dean, College of Business Administration
Michael O. Wirth, BS, MA, PhD - Dean, College of Communication and Information
Robert Rider, BS, MAT, PhD - Dean, College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences
Wayne Davis, BS, MS, PhD - Dean, College of Engineering
Douglas A. Blaze, BS, JD - Dean, College of Law
Joan Creasia, BSN, MSN, PhD  - Dean, College of Nursing
Karen Sowers, BA, MSW, PhD - Dean, College of Social Work
James P. Thompson, BS, DVM - Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
Tim Cross, BS, MS, PhD - Dean, UT Extension and University Outreach and Continuing Education
Richard L. Bayer, BA, MA, Dean of Enrollment Services
Barbara I. Dewey, BA, MA - Dean of University Libraries
Carolyn R. Hodges, BA, MA, PhD - Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School
Maxine Thompson Davis, BA, MS, EdD - Dean of Students