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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Pre-Professional Programs Major, BS – Pre-Law Concentration

The college offers an accelerated B.S./J.D. program with the College of Law. For joint B.S./J.D. students, College of Law admissions requirements are higher than those normally expected for J.D. applicants. Desired College of Law qualifications include at a minimum a cumulative undergraduate GPA and a Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) score at or above the medians for the entering class.

Students pursing this program complete their first three years of coursework in the College of Arts and Sciences, and their last three years of coursework in the College of Law. During their first three years, students will fulfill all University General Education requirements and all College of Arts and Sciences requirements for a B.S. degree, will complete a minor in the College of Arts and Sciences, will complete 13 hours of pre-law professional electives, and will complete a total of at least 90 hours of undergraduate coursework.

Students interested in pursuing the accelerated B.S./J.D. program are counseled initially in Arts and Sciences Advising Services (313 Ayres Hall) regarding both College of Law admissions standards and undergraduate degree requirements for the College of Arts and Sciences. If the student is a likely candidate for admission into the J.D. program, she or he should consult with the College of Law Admissions Office, take the LSAT, and submit an application to the College of Law. Upon admission to the joint B.S./J.D. program, a student will begin College of Law coursework in the fourth year and, upon successful completion of 30 hours of College of Law coursework, will be awarded a B.S. degree in Pre-Professional Programs with a concentration in Pre-Law at the end of that year. The student will receive the J.D. degree upon successful completion of the graduation requirements for that degree.

College Requirements

Complete a minor in any department, school, or interdisciplinary program in the College of Arts and Sciences. Consult Minors, A-Z  for a list of minors and descriptions of their requirements.

Professional Electives



  • 12 hours from the courses listed below, at least 9 hours must be chosen from List A.

(A) Writing-emphasis and writing-intensive courses

(B) Other professional electives


Upon satisfactory completion of the following 30 hours of coursework in the College of Law, a student will be awarded the B.S. degree in Pre-Professional Programs, Pre-Law Concentration:

  • LAW 801 – Civil Procedure I
  • LAW 802 – Civil Procedure II
  • LAW 803 – Contracts I
  • LAW 804 – Contracts II
  • LAW 805 – Legal Process I
  • LAW 806 – Legal Process II
  • LAW 807 – Torts I
  • LAW 808 – Torts II
  • LAW 809 – Criminal Law
  • LAW 810 – Property