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2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Theory Graduate Certificate

Harry F. Dahms, Sociology, and Allen R. Dunn, English, Co-Chairs

The Interdisciplinary graduate certificate in Social Theory will enable students to develop rigorous interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary training in diverse areas of social theory, such as classical social theory, contemporary sociological theory, critical social theory, critical literary theory, critical race theory, feminist theory, poststructuralist theory, and postcolonial theory. The certificate will introduce students to a range both of modes of interpretation and of ways of framing research, and encourage them to adopt and refine the methods that best meet their needs. It will enhance students’ analytical and critical skills, expand their intellectual horizons (both spatially/geographically and temporally/historically), and promote their abilities to deconstruct and reconstruct representations of social, political, cultural, and economic reality along a spectrum ranging from individual experiences to national and global constructions of identity.

The certificate is designed to provide a supplementary perspective for students already enrolled in graduate programs.

Campus Code

Knoxville Campus

Graduate Certificate Type


Admissions Standards/Procedures

  • Prospective candidates for the certificate may take up to 6 graduate credit hours of certificate classes before formally applying for admission to the certificate. To apply:
  • Current degree-seeking graduate student - application to the certificate must be made through the Office of Graduate Admissions by completing an online abbreviated application (application fee is waived for currently enrolled students) and notify the Co-Chairs of the certificate program.

Academic Standards

  • Once admitted for the certificate, students must maintain a graduate GPA of at least 3.00.

Credit Hours Required

18 graduate credit hours

Required Courses

Non-Course Requirements

  • All courses must be selected in consultation with a faculty member serving as the student’s certificate advisor.
    • This faculty member must approve all certificate courses for individual students prior to their being taken, except that, as noted above, up to 6 graduate credit hours may be accepted from candidates upon admission.
  • Each student should choose a committee consisting of the certificate advisor and two additional faculty members, who must be members of the certificate program’s core or affiliated faculty.
  • Completion of a capstone experience in the home department, such as
    • the oral presentation of research results to a scheduled meeting of faculty and student members of the certificate program, or
    • the submission of a published piece of work for discussion at a scheduled meeting of faculty and student members of the certificate program.
  • Completion of the capstone experience must be certified by the student’s certificate advisor and the certificate Co-Chairs.
  • After completing all requirements,
  1. complete the Graduate Certificate Course Verification Form (located on the Graduate School webpage under the Forms Central tab) and
  2. through MyUTK, apply to graduate from the certificate program.