Jun 17, 2024  
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Libraries

Steven Escar Smith, Dean
Holly Mercer, Senior Associate Dean
Teresa Walker, Associate Dean
Jennifer Benedetto Beals, Assistant Dean
Emily Gore, Assistant Dean



Braquet, D., MSLS – Louisiana State
Mack, T., MSLS – Tennessee
Mercer, H., MLIS – South Carolina
Smith, S., MLn – South Carolina
Walker, T., MS – Tennessee
Williamson, J., Phd – North Carolina
Wise, N., MSLS – Tennessee

Associate Professors
Baggett, M., MLIS – Louisiana State
Beals, J., MLS – Kent State
Bedenbaugh, R., PhD – Texas A&M
Berry, T., MSLS – Tennessee
Brannen, M., MS – Tennessee
Bronstad, K., MA – Wisconsin (Madison)
Caldwell, C., MS – Tennessee
Caldwell, R., MLIS – Indiana
Durman, C., MS – Tennessee
Eaker, C., MS – Tennessee
Fernandez, P., MLIS – South Florida
Hristov, N., MSLS – Louisiana State
Li, J., PhD – Tennessee
March, G., MS – Tennessee
Mays, R., MS – Tennessee
Milewski, S., MS – Tennessee
Panigabutra-Roberts, A., MLIS – Wisconsin
Ratledge, D., MSLS – Tennessee
Romans, L., MLIS – South Carolina
Royse, M., MSLS – North Carolina
Sandelli, A., MS – North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Sharp, A., MLIS – Alabama
Shumar, A., MLIS – Pittsburgh

Assistant Professors
Davis, L., MLIS – South Carolina
Destine, S., MLIS – Maryland
Dixson, M., MSIS – Tennessee
Dosch, B., MSIS – Tennessee
Gould, E., MSLS – North Carolina
Hale, M., MSIS – North Carolina
Ihli, M., MSIS – Tennessee
Kirkpatrick, N., MSIS – Tennessee
Mezick, J., MSIS – Tennessee
Powell, C., MLS – Maryland
Therrell, G., MLS – Oklahoma
Tillotson, C., MLS – Tennessee
Trott, L., MSIS – Tennessee
Whalon, P., MSIS – Tennessee

Becker, L., MSLIS – Simmons

Associate Professor of Practice
Gore, E., MLIS – Alabama

The library is everywhere you are. Research assistance is available by walk-in, e-mail, phone, chat and text, and by appointment with the librarian who specializes in your discipline. The UT Libraries holds 3.6 million print volumes and provides access to a vast collection of electronic journals, books, and media. Visit the library website to chat with a librarian, find books and electronic resources, watch a video tutorial about using the library, or connect with us on social media.

The John C. Hodges Library in the heart of campus houses the majority of the UT Libraries’ collections and many unique services. A Graduate Commons on the first floor supports the unique needs of graduate students as they engage in writing, studying, and research. The technology-rich Commons on the second floor of Hodges Library is a popular gathering place for students, for both studying and socializing. In the Commons, students can get research assistance, check out equipment such as laptops and cameras, work collaboratively in group study rooms, create videos or multimedia projects in the Studio, use a Practice Presentation Room, or visit the coffee shop and convenience store. The Scholars’ Collaborative offers expertise in data management, scholarly communications issues such as open-access publishing, Geographic Information Systems and other emerging forms of scholarship.

Two branch libraries offer specialized collections, spaces, and services: the Webster C. Pendergrass Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Library on the Agriculture Campus and the George F. DeVine Music Library in the Natalie L. Haslam Music Center. Other unique collections available to students include the Betsey B. Creekmore Special Collections and University Archives (manuscripts and rare books) in Hodges Library and digitized collections of some of the library’s unique holdings.

The UT Libraries creates community with its inviting spaces and through hosting events such as the Lunch and Learn series on diversity and inclusion.