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2009-2010 Graduate Catalog 
2009-2010 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Major, PhD

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Applicants for admission should request information and application forms from both the Office of Graduate and International Admissions, and the Director, Industrial and Organizational Psychology Program.

Two separate applications must be completed. One Graduate Application for Admission (apply for major in industrial and organizational psychology) and one application for admission to the industrial and organizational psychology major. New students are admitted in fall semester only. Applications must be received by Graduate and International Admissions by February 1.

The master’s degree with a major in industrial and organizational psychology is generally not required of individuals pursuing a doctoral degree.

At least one year of college mathematics and one course in statistics are required. Ordinarily, an undergraduate grade point average of 3.7 or above is required with no evidence of special weakness in mathematics and physical sciences.

Test scores on each section of the general portion (verbal and quantitative) of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) are required. Customarily, those students admitted to the program have performed at or above the 69-79th percentile on the general tests. (This corresponds to a raw score of approximately 600 on each of the tests.)

The PhD with a major in industrial and organizational psychology can be completed with a minimum of 90 semester hours in the major. Students must be in residence full time for one year; must maintain an overall 3.0 grade point average with no more than one grade below B in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology, General Psychology, and Research Cores; must complete an applied research project prior to beginning dissertation work; must pass a comprehensive examination; and must pass a final oral examination on their dissertation research.

Course Requirements

  Hours Credit
1 Industrial/Organizational Psychology Core 9
2 Research Core 12
3 General Psychology Core 9
4 Industrial/Organizational Psychology Seminars 9
5 Approved Electives 9
Supervised Practicum, Internship, or Field Training (IOP 690 ) 15
Ethics (IOP 635  or equivalent) 3
Dissertation (IOP 600 ) 24
  Total 90

1 Industrial and Organizational Psychology IOP 567 , IOP 568 , and IOP 569 .
2 Statistics STAT 537 , STAT 538 , or equivalents STAT 579 , STAT 679  or equivalent; Industrial and Organizational Psychology IOP 605 .
3 One course in each of the following areas – biological bases of behavior, cognitive bases of behavior, history, and systems of psychology.
4 600-level Industrial/Organizational Psychology courses, from a program committee approved list.
5 Courses supporting the student’s course of study.

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