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    University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Aug 08, 2022  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Major Requirements   Minor Requirements

Conrad Plaut, Head

Alexiades, V., PhD – Delaware
Brodskiy, N., (Director of Undergraduate Studies), PhD – Saskatchewan (Canada)
Chen, X., PhD – Ohio
Collins, C. (Associate Dean), PhD – Minnesota
Dydak, J., PhD – Warsaw (Poland)
Fefferman, N., PhD – Tufts
Feng, X., PhD – Purdue
Frazier, M., PhD – California (Los Angeles)
Gavrilets, S., (Distinguished Professor), PhD – Moscow State
Gross, L., (Chancellor’s Professor and Distinguished Professor), PhD – Cornell
Karakashian, O., PhD – Harvard
Lenhart, S., (Chancellor’s Professor), PhD – Kentucky
Mulay, S., PhD – Purdue
Nicoara, R., PhD – UCLA
Plaut, C.P., PhD – Maryland
Rajput, B.S., PhD – Illinois
Richter, S., PhD – Michigan
Rosinski, J., PhD – Wroclaw (Poland)
Schulze, T., PhD – Northwestern
Simpson, H., PhD – California Institute of Technology
Stephenson, K.R., PhD – Wisconsin
Sundberg, C., PhD – Wisconsin
Thistlethwaite, M., PhD – Manchester (UK)
Todorova, G.H., PhD – Moscow State (Russia)
Webster, C. (Distinguished Professor), PhD – Florida State
Wise, S., PhD – Virginia

Associate Professors
Day, J., PhD – Pittsburgh
Denzler, J., PhD – ETH (Zurich) (Switzerland)
Finotti, L., PhD – Texas
Freire, A., PhD – Princeton
Ganusov, V., PhD – Emory
Lind, J., PhD – Washington
Mengesha, T., PhD – Temple
Phan, T., PhD – Minnesota
Salgado-Gonzales, A., PhD – Texas A and M
Wise, S., PhD – Virginia

Assistant Professors
Bourni, T., PhD – Stanford
Cartwright, D., PhD – California (Berkeley)
Jameson, M., PhD – Emory
Langford, M., PhD – Australian National
Maroulas, V., PhD – North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Mengesha, T., PhD – Temple
Prosper, O., PhD – Florida
Strickland, W., PhD – Colorado State
Vellis, V., PhD – Illinois (Urbana)

Baidya, R., PhD – Georgia State
Booth, H., PhD – Princeton
Clark, J., PhD – Tennessee
Conner, A., MM – Tennessee
Contole, A., MM – Tennessee
Cook, T., MS – Tennessee
Fowler, J., MA – Kentucky
Fridman, T., PhD – Rutgers
Gelantalis, M., PhD – Indiana
Gentry, A., PhD – Lincoln Memorial
Gilbert, M., MS – Tennessee
Griffis, J., PhD – Texas (Arlington)
Guest, R., MS – Baylor
Ho, A., PhD – Colorado State (Ft. Collins)
Horton, D., PhD – Tennessee
Humphries, P., PhD – Canterbury
Lay, L., MS – Tennessee
Meadows, M., MM – Tennessee
Pringle, K., PhD – Oregon
Remus, C., MS – Tennessee
Self, C., MS – Tennessee
Smith, K., MM – Tennessee
Sukanek, K., MS – Mississippi
Swenson, M., PhD – Texas
Unseren, M., PhD – Purdue
Von Herrmann, A., PhD – Colorado State
Wolf, A., PhD – Emory
Wright, G., MM – Tennessee
Zaman, M., MM – Texas A and M


Students pursuing a B.S. degree in the Department of Mathematics are eligible to participate in the University’s VolsTeach program (, which permits students to simultaneously complete a major in mathematics or science and receive secondary education teaching licensure within the 4-year undergraduate degree program through the completion of a VolsTeach minor. For more information about VolsTeach, including advising associated with teaching licensure requirements, contact the Center for Enhancing Education in Mathematics and Science (101 Greve Hall).