May 30, 2024  
2014-2015 Graduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Nursing

Victoria Niederhauser, Dean
Mary Gunther, Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Kenneth Phillips, Associate Dean for Research
Tami Wyatt, Director of Graduate Studies and Chair of MSN Program
Peggy Pierce, Chair of DNP Program
Sandra P. Thomas, Chair of PhD Program

Beebe, L., PhD – Kentucky
Farr, G., PharmD – Tennessee
Hall, J., PhD – San Francisco
Niederhauser, V., DrPH – Hawaii
Phillips, K., PhD – Tennessee
Thomas, S., PhD – Tennessee
Thompson, K., PhD – Maryland

Associate Professors
Brown, M., PhD – Tennessee
Callen, B., PhD – Wisconsin
Gaylord, N., PhD – Tennessee
Gunther, M., PhD – Tennessee
Hutson, S., PhD – Maryland
Mefford, L., PhD – Tennessee
Myers, C., PhD – Tennessee
Roman, M., PhD – Kentucky
Speraw, S., PhD – California
Wyatt, T., PhD – Virginia

Assistant Professors
Blackburn, L., DNP – Tennessee
Bland, T., DNP – Tennessee
Bonom, J., DNP – Tennessee
Brown, A., MSN – Alabama (Birmingham)
Chyka, D., DNP – Tennessee
Davis, S., DNP – Tennessee
Durbin, T., DNP – Tennessee
Embler, P., PhD – Tennessee
Evans, G., MSN – Tennessee
Harris, R., PhD – Tennessee
Helton, S., MSN – Texas
Hodges, M., DNP – Tennessee
Holston, E., PhD – New York
Lasater, K., DNP – Tennessee
Lindley, L., PhD – North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
McArthur, P., PhD – Tennessee
Mixer, S., PhD – Northern Colorado
Mountain, B., DNP – Tennessee
Pierce, M., DNP – Tennessee
Ramsey, G., DNP – Tennessee
Stephens, T., PhD – Tennessee
Taylor, S., DNP – Tennessee
Umberger, R., PhD – Tennessee
Wright, K., DNP – Loyola (New Orleans)




Nursing   MSN
    Adult Health Nursing Clinical Nurse Specialist concentration    
  Family Nurse Practitioner concentration    
  Global Disaster Nursing concentration    
  Mental Health Nursing concentration    
  Nurse Anesthesia concentration    
  Nursing Administration concentration    
  Nursing of Women and Children concentration    
Nursing   DNP
  Family Nurse Practitioner concentration    
  Mental Health Practitioner    
  Nurse Anesthesia    
  Nursing of Women and Children    
Nursing   PhD
Graduate Certificate Programs    
  Adult Health Nursing Clinical Nurse Specialist    
  Family Nurse Practitioner    
  Global Disaster Nursing    
  Global Disaster Studies    
  Health Policy    
  Mental Health Nursing    
  Nurse Anesthesia    
  Nursing Administration    
  Nursing Education    
  Nursing of Women and Children    

The College of Nursing was established in July 1971. The master’s program was initiated in 1976 and approval for the doctoral program was granted in 1988. For more information, contact the Director of MSN or PhD Program, The University of Tennessee, College of Nursing, 1200 Volunteer Boulevard, Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-4180; (865) 974-4151.

College research efforts are coordinated through the Center for Nursing Research.