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2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog 
2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Service Learning Honors Program

Service Learning Honors Program

The College of Education, Health and Human Sciences provides a unique opportunity for its best and brightest students to use classroom learning in solving real world problems. Through the college’s honors program in service learning, students have an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills specific to their academic majors to their work with individuals and/or groups in the community.

Admission to the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences’ Service Learning Honors Program is competitive and applicants should be aware that meeting the minimum admission criteria does not assure entry into the program. In addition to fulfillment of the minimum requirements shown below, applicants should note that an individual’s personal objectives, type of field setting desired, availability of adequate faculty supervision, as well as total number of applicants are determinants in the selection process. Applicants should also note that participation in this particular honors program does not preclude participation in other honors programs.

Admission Requirements

  • Admitted or applicant to one of the college’s undergraduate majors.
  • Attainment of a minimum cumulative 3.25 GPA (based on the completion of at least 15 semester credit hours).
  • Submission of a Service Learning Honors Program application.
  • Personal interview with honors steering committee and coordinator/director. 

Program Requirements

  • Two lower-division honors courses. Examples include but are not limited to PSYC 117 ; SOCI 127 ; SPAN 217 , SPAN 218 ; UNHO 257 , UNHO 267 , UNHO 277 , UNHO 287 . It is also possible to satisfy this requirement through lower-division honors course work in the major and/or through *Honors-by-Contract.
  • UNHO 337  (3) (Section Topic - Honors: Service Learning).
  • One upper-division 3 credit hour honors course in the student’s academic major (e.g., CFS 497 , KNS 497 , RCS 497 , etc.) through which the student will develop and present a capstone project at the university’s annual Exhibition of Undergraduate Research and Creative achievement or at an approved similar professional venue. This requirement may be met through *Honors-by-Contract.

     *Honors-by-Contract requires completion of a written contract delineating additional effort and is submitted to the College’s honors coordinator/director by thethird week of the semester.

Program Completion

Students who successfully complete the above program requirements and maintain a minimum cumulative 3.25 GPA will be recognized during commencement and have their participation in the Service Learning Honors Program so noted on their official transcript.

Further Information

Students interested in further information regarding the College of Education, Health and Human Sciences’ Service Learning Honors Program should contact the following faculty members in their respective majors.

                Child and Family Studies - Dr. Sandra Twardosz - or Tel. 974-6274 

                Kinesiology – Dr. Dawn Coe – or Tel. 974-0294

                Recreation and Sport Management – Dr. Rob Hardin - or Tel. 974-1281