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    Jun 27, 2022  
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog

Global Studies Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Global Studies (GLBS) offers graduate students the opportunity to study global subjects from an interdisciplinary perspective. By learning from faculty across departments, their graduate studies in their home discipline will be enriched. This interdisciplinary curriculum lies at the intersection of social sciences and humanities, with interdisciplinary approaches to pressing global issues, including (but not limited to) political economy, regional integration, migration, human rights, climate change, public health, racial formations, global cultures, diasporas, ecological conservation, and development. Methodological approaches are also diverse ranging from quantitative to field-based and ethnographic. The GLBS program will allow students to broaden their perspectives and methodological skills across these domains and enhance their chances for academic and non- academic employment.

Campus Code

Knoxville Campus

Graduate Certificate Type


Admissions Standards/Procedures

  • Application to the Global Studies (GLBS) graduate certificate must be made through the Office of Graduate Admissions and by submitting a letter of application and copies of relevant transcripts to the GLBS program chair. The GLBS certificate is intended as additional study for graduate students who are concurrently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program in another discipline at the University of Tennessee.
  • Students are generally admitted to the program prior to completing six graduate credit hours toward the certificate and are required to be admitted by the beginning of the semester in which they will complete the required coursework for the certificate. Students will select their graduate coursework in conjunction with the Director of Global Studies, who must approve each student’s curriculum.

Academic Standards

  • Students must maintain a minimum 3.00 graduate grade point average throughout the program.

Credit Hours Required

12 graduate credit hours

The Global Studies Graduate Certificate consists of a minimum of 12 graduate credit hours in interdisciplinary coursework. As Global Studies is organized into two broad sub-fields: “politics & economy” (usually courses in Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries; Political Science; and Sociology, as well as some Geography) and “society & culture” (usually courses in Anthropology, Geography, History, MFLL, and Religious Studies). While students can choose any interdisciplinary approach, they are encouraged to integrate these two broad sub-fields. Final selections should be made in consultation with the Director of Global Studies and other Global Studies faculty,

  1. A maximum of six graduate credit hours can overlap between the GLBS certificate and the student’s home discipline, as approved by the GLBS program chair.
  2. At least nine credit hours toward the GLBS Graduate Certificate must be taken at the 500-level or above.
  3. As part of the non-course requirement, students will write a research paper for evaluation to a faculty review committee consisting of two GLBS faculty members from different departments and present this work at a colloquium, either in a department of one of the faculty committee members or organized by Global Studies. The paper will integrate scholarly research and/or methods in the classes taken toward the GLBS Certificate.

Required Courses

Twelve (12) graduate credit hours from the following list, of which six (6) graduate credit hours must be from department(s) outside a student’s degree program and preferably outside the student’s broad area of the field of Global Studies (i.e., politics & economy or society & culture).

College of Arts & Sciences

Literature and Film



Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures

Musicology and Music Ensemble

Political Science


Herbert College of Agriculture

Note: courses that may fulfill a GLBS requirement have been submitted by faculty in these Departments and include the above. Due to possible changes in course staffing, variable topics, and periodic creation of new classes, it is recommended that students confirm program approval of courses in advance with the GLBS chair.

Only 400-level courses listed in the Graduate Catalog may be taken for graduate credit and be applied toward the certificate.

Non-Course Requirements

To receive the certificate, students must:
1) complete the Graduate Certificate Course Verification Form (located on the Graduate School webpage under the Forms Central tab) and
2) through MyUTK, apply to graduate from the certificate program.