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    Oct 01, 2023  
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Nursing

Victoria Niederhauser, Dean
Sadie Hutson, Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Tami Wyatt, Associate Dean for Research
Nan Gaylord, Associate Dean for Practice and Global Affairs
Allyson Neal, Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs
Shelia Swift, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Programs
Tracy Brewer, Chair of DNP Program
Sandra P. Thomas, Chair of PhD Program

Barton, D., PhD – Indiana (Indiana University)
Beebe, L., PhD – Kentucky
Brewer, T., PhD – Ohio (Case Western Reserve)
Brown, M.L., PhD – Tennessee
Gaylord, N., PhD – Tennessee
Hardesty, P., PhD – North Carolina (Barry)
Hutson, S., PhD – Pennsylvania
Lasater, K., DNP – Tennessee
Myers, C., PhD – Tennessee
Niederhauser, V., DrPH – Hawaii
Thomas, S., PhD – Tennessee
Thompson, K., PhD – Maryland
Wyatt, T., PhD – Virginia

Associate Professors
Abdoli, S., – Iran (Shadid Beheshti)
Anderson, J., PhD – North Carolina (Wake Forest)
Arring, N., DNP, PhD – Massachusetts, Oregon (Oregon Health & Science)
Bailey, C., PhD – Tennessee
Barroso, C., PhD – Texas
Bonom, J., DNP – Tennessee
Cornette, R., DNP – Kentucky
Davenport, L., PhD – Tennessee
Elliott, L., DNP – Tennessee (Vanderbilt)
Harris, R., PhD – Tennessee
Lindley, L., PhD – North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Mixer, S., PhD – Northern Colorado
Moore, P., DNP – Tennessee
Neal, A., DNP – Tennessee
Newnam, K., PhD – Virginia
Norris, C., DNP – Alabama (Huntsville)
Swift, S., PhD – Tennessee

Assistant Professors
Ahn, S., PhD – Minnesota
Alberding, J., DNP – Tennessee
Alspaugh, A., PhD – South Carolina
Bauer, S., DNP – Nebraska (Nebraska Methodist College)
Beeler, L., PhD – Tennessee
Berg, T., PhD – Tennessee
Brown, K., DNP – Tennessee
Bulgin, D., PhD – North Carolina (Duke)
Carr, C., DNP – Tennessee
Crawford, K., DNP – Tennessee
Embler, P., PhD – Tennessee
Gibson, J., DNP – Alabama (Birmingham)
Hessock, M., DNP – Tennessee
Hurt, M., DNP – Tennessee (Vanderbilt)
Johnson, M., DNP – Tennessee
Kojima, F., PhD – Nebraska
Malone, M., DNP – Illinois (Chamberlain)
Morgan, K., PhD – Tennessee
Neller, S., PhD – Utah
Roberson, P., PhD – Tennessee
Sagherian, K., PhD – Maryland
Sarkar, A., PhD – Manipal University (India)
Shearer, J., PhD – Tennessee
Smith, J., PhD – Kentucky
Son, H., PhD – North Carolina (Duke)
Starkey, C., DNP – Virginia (Marymount)
Svynarenko, R., PhD – Kentucky
Yoo, J., PhD – Kyunghee University (North Korea)

Majors, Degrees
Nursing Major, DNP  
  Family Nurse Practitioner Concentration
  Nurse Anesthesia Concentration
  Nurse Executive Practice Concentration
  Pediatric Primary/Acute Care Dual Nurse Practitioner Concentration
  Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Concentration
  Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Concentration
Nursing Major, PhD  
Graduate Certificates
  Family Nurse Practitioner Graduate Certificate  
  Health Policy Graduate Certificate  (joint certificate with the Department of Public Health)
  Healthcare Informatics Graduate Certificate  
  Nurse Executive Practice Graduate Certificate  
  Nursing Education Graduate Certificate  
  Pediatric Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Graduate Certificate  
  Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Graduate Certificate  
  Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Graduate Certificate  

The College of Nursing was established in July 1971. The master’s program was initiated in 1976; the PhD program approved  in 1988; and the DNP program launched in 2011. For more information, contact the office of Student Services Graduate Advisor, The University of Tennessee, College of Nursing, 1200 Volunteer Boulevard, Knoxville, Tennessee 37996-4180; (865) 974-4151.

College research efforts are coordinated through the Office of Research Administration.