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2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Education Major, MS (Dept of Educational Psychology and Counseling)

The department offers concentrations in Evaluation Methodology and Instructional Technology under the Master of Science degree with a major in Education. All courses for the concentrations are offered online through Distance Education.

Concentrations (Required) and Options Available

Evaluation Methodology — Project Option
Instructional Technology — Project Option

Campus Code

Distance Education

Evaluation Methodology Concentration

Evaluation is the systematic study of an organization or program’s fidelity, merit, or worth using a recognized set of national standards. The Distance Education Online Evaluation Methodology concentration master’s program is designed to provide students with a broad and rigorous study of the field of evaluation. Students will learn quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods evaluation designs, effective communication skills, cutting edge reporting strategies, and hands-on application of evaluation strategies. The program prepares professionals who are seeking to enhance their skills and develop new competencies in evaluation methodology. Students in this 30-graduate credit hour program will complete core coursework in evaluation principles and practice, methodology, and engage in field-based evaluation experiences. Prior to graduation, students must pass a portfolio-based comprehensive examination.

Admissions Standards/Procedures

Admission is based on a holistic view of an applicant’s qualifications and previous educational experiences. GRE scores are optional. Prior graduate work will be examined on a case-by-case basis to determine if it can be used to satisfy some course requirements.

Credit Hours Required

        30 graduate credit hours

Required Courses: 27 Credit Hours

Electives: 3 Credit Hours

 Non-Course Requirements

The portfolio satisfies the requirements for a project non-thesis Master’s. Portfolios will be reviewed and scored by two ESM faculty members. Students must earn a grade of Pass to earn the Master’s degree.

Instructional Technology concentration

The Instructional Technology concentration prepares students to design, develop, implement, and evaluate online learning environments. These skills will be desirable in a variety of contexts such as education, corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations.

Admissions Standards/Procedures

Students submit their CV/Resume, Letter of Introduction, and Goal Statement with their Graduate School Application. Upon faculty review, students will be notified whether they are admitted to the program or not.

Credit Hours Required

33 graduate credit hours

Required Courses

  • Foundations (3 credit hours)
    • Advisor approved Educational Psychology Major 500-level course or Information Science 500-level course.
  • Concentration Core (24 credit hours)
  • Elective (3 credit hours)
    • IT 525 
    • IT 574  
    • Or a graduate course approved by advisor.
  • Research (3 credit hours)
    • Advisor approved Educational Psychology and Research Major Evaluation, Statistics and Measurement concentration EDPY 500-level course.

Additional Course Requirements

  • To meet program requirements, students must select courses in consultation with a program advisor. Program totals are minimums and some students may be required to complete additional coursework to overcome background deficiencies.

Non-Course Requirements

  • Students will complete an online portfolio to satisfy the requirement for a project for this non-thesis Master’s. The portfolio will be evaluated by a committee and a grade of Pass is required to earn the Master’s degree.
  • Students are required to meet the Program Participant Professional Disposition standards.