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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Classical Languages - Pre-Professional Certificate

The Pre-Professional Certificate in Classical Languages consists of 9-15 hours of Upper Division Classical Languages courses (or allowable substitutions) that result in students’ advanced competence (400 level) in at least one Classical Language.

Undergraduate Certificate Type: Stand-Alone, Add-On.

Credit Hours Required: 9 to 15 credit hours.

Admission Standards/Procedures:

Students seeking admission to the Undergraduate Certificate must meet the admissions standards established by the Undergraduate Council.

Academic Standards:

No grades of below B+ are acceptable for students wishing to receive this certificate.


Students who are currently degree-seeking undergraduates at UTK must have completed CLAS 251 /CLAS 252 * or CLAS 261 /CLAS 264 * with a minimum 3.0 GPA to enter into the certificate program. Students who have earned their BA or who are currently enrolled at another accredited four-year institution should have completed at least the introductory sequence in Latin and/or Greek, and preferably the intermediate sequence. Students who have not completed the intermediate level sequence in their language will be required to complete CLAS 251 /CLAS 252 * or CLAS 261 /CLAS 264 * prior to taking upper-division courses in the certificate program, subject to the results of a placement exam.

Required Courses:

In consultation with their advisor, students take 9 – 15 hours from CLAS 351 *, CLAS 352 *, CLAS 401 *, CLAS 402 *, CLAS 405 , CLAS 406 , CLAS 414 , CLAS 431 , CLAS 432 , CLAS 435 . The exact courses to be taken depends on the student’s needs and preparation. In order to obtain the certificate, students must reach advanced competency at the 400-level in at least one Classical language. Aspiring high-school teachers seeking to improve their skills in Latin only may substitute culture courses in Classics for Greek language courses.

Non-Course Requirements:

Students may pursue this Undergraduate Certificate on a full-time or part-time basis. They must earn all hours of this program at the University of Tennessee.


*Meets Volunteer Core Requirements .