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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Transition Program

The University Transition program, supported by the Center for Career Development & Academic Exploration, is for students who are ineligible for the major they intend to pursue. The program includes two tracks: 1) University Early Transition for students with less than 60 credit hours and 2) University Advanced Transition for students with 60 or more credit hours.

Students in the program are advised by Academic & Career Exploration (ACE) Coaches who provide integrated academic and career planning support.

Students enter the University Transition Program upon one of the following conditions: 1) admitted transfer student ineligible for intended major, 2) continuing student ineligible for intended major, or 3) readmitted student ineligible for previous major.

Students need to declare a major no later than the third day of their second full semester in the University Transition Program. It may be necessary for a student to stay longer if extenuating circumstances exist. According to University of Tennessee Course Program of Study (CPOS) policy, students must declare a major by the time they earn 60 credits to remain eligible for federal and state financial aid.

Requirements for the University Transition Major

Term 1 Hours Milestone Notes
Select one of the following transitional seminars: TRNS 201  or COUN 205 . 1  
1Courses in pursuit of new major  12-15  
Term 2
2New major curriculum 12-15 Declare a major in a College
TOTAL 120  
1 Students must take three to five courses in exploration of alternative major pathways.
2 To be co-created with College advisor in new major.