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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Studio Art Major, BFA – Three-Dimensional Arts Concentration

The Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in studio art is a professionally-oriented degree intended for those students planning careers or graduate study in the visual arts.

Continuing, returning, and transfer students must meet progression requirements before declaring a major in studio art.

To qualify for a BFA with a major in studio art, students must meet the progression requirements in their concentration. Contact specific program area faculty for review of schedules and details. It should not be assumed that a high grade point average in the concentration itself assures fulfilling progression requirement. Before choosing a concentration, students should contact their faculty advisor to see what options are offered in the event they do not fulfill progression requirements.

Students seeking the Bachelor of Fine Arts should also consider pursuing a minor in art history.

Transfer students are advised that a minimum of 20 hours in studio courses must be earned at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Students should be cautioned that art courses taken at another institution may not apply toward their concentration.  ARTA 212  and ARTA 214  must be taken at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, if they are to count toward the concentration. Courses not accepted for application toward a concentration may be counted toward other requirements.

No grade below C in art courses may be applied to the Bachelor of Fine Arts major. A minimum of 42 credit hours, 300-level or above, must be earned prior to graduation.

The following core courses must be completed before students can progress into the program as majors and before further art classes can be taken.

ART 101 - Introduction to Studio Art I 
ART 103 - Introduction to Studio Art II 
ARTH 162 *, ARTH 172 *, ARTH 173 *, ARTH 183 * (select one)

Students applying to the School of Art will be admitted into the program in rank order of cumulative grade point average as space allows. The overall record will be evaluated for quality and seriousness of purpose. Excessive absences, withdrawals, incompletes, or repeated courses may result in denial of progression. Progression into the School of Art does not guarantee progression into a chosen concentration. Students may be accepted into advanced concentrations in two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and four-dimensional arts after passing the appropriate progression requirements.

Art Education

The School of Art recommends the Bachelor of Fine Arts for those students pursuing licensure to teach art in schools K-12. Students must also contact the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences for further requirements.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Fine Arts • Studio Art Major • Three-Dimensional Arts Concentration

II. Concentration – Three-Dimensional Arts

C. Select 18 hours (200-400 level studio electives):

Note: Studio electives may be taken in other programs/departments in consultation with departmental advisor.

D. Complete 3 hours (capstone):

III. General Curriculum

B. Quantitative Reasoning (6 hours)*:

C. Natural Sciences (7-8 hours)*:

D. Social Sciences (6 hours)*:

E. Intermediate Foreign Language (6 hours)*:

F. Communicating Through Writing (3 hours)*:

G. Communicating Orally (3 hours)*:

H. Non-Art Elective (3 hours):

  • any Arts and Sciences non-art elective



* Meets University General Education Requirement