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2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Medieval Studies Graduate Certificate

Thomas E. Burman, Chair

The medieval studies program offers a graduate certificate enabling students with an interest in medieval topics to acquire a broad foundation in the interdisciplinary approaches to medieval research and to begin putting these approaches into practice. For students earning MAs or PhDs in traditional disciplines, the program will augment their training and may make them more attractive candidates for academic positions.

Prospective candidates for the certificate should be earning a Masters or doctoral degree in a related discipline at UTK. Students may take up to 6 credit hours of certificate classes before making formal application to the Medieval Studies certificate. Once admitted to the certificate, students must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0. Application to the certificate must be made to the Chair of the Medieval Studies Program by submitting a letter of application and copies of undergraduate transcripts (and graduate transcripts, if applicable). A minimum of 15 credit hours is required. All courses must be selected in consultation with a program advisor, who must approve all courses for individual students prior to their being taken, except that, as noted above, up to 6 credit hours may be accepted from candidates upon admission.


Students will satisfy the requirements of the certificate by selecting 15 credit hours from the following lists, provided that those courses are selected in consultation with a program advisor, who approves their selection. A certificate cannot be earned without program approval by the advisor.

  • MRST 510 .
  • 12 additional credit hours chosen from at least two disciplines. A minimum of 6 credit hours must be taken in one discipline. Students may choose from the following courses – ARCH 511 , ARTH 425 , ARTH 431 , ARTH 441 , ARTH 451 , CLAS 435 , CLAS 445 , CLAS 571 , CLAS 572 , CLAS 573 , ENGL 401 , ENGL 402 ,  ENGL 403 , ENGL 508 , ENGL 513 , ENGL 514 , ENGL 610 , ENGL 611 , ENGL 620 , ENGL 621 , FREN 410 , FREN 540 , GERM 541 HIST 529 HIST 530 HIST 531 , HIST 629 , HIST 630 , HIST 631 ITAL 401 , ITAL 402 MRST 510 , MUCO 540 , PHIL 520 , PHIL 620 , REST 523 , SPAN 531 , SPAN 532 . Topics and special topics courses, where appropriate, may be substituted for any of the above courses with the permission of the Chair of the Medieval Studies Program.
  • Demonstration of competency in reading medieval Latin either by 1) earning a B+ or higher in CLAS 435  and CLAS 571  or 2) passing University of Toronto’s Level One Medieval Latin Exam, given periodically on campus. Where appropriate, students may substitute competency in reading medieval Greek, Hebrew, or Arabic. The chair of the Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program, in conjunction with the Marco Graduate Curriculum Committee, will establish standards for determining competency in these languages as need arises.
  • Evidence of professionalization in Medieval Studies in the form of a formal, twenty-minute presentation of original research to take place on campus for Medieval Studies faculty, students, and the public. The presentation should demonstrate interdisciplinarity and may grow out of a course or seminar paper. Normally the presentation will take place in the semester that the certificate is granted.