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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures Major, BA – Language and World Business/German Concentration

Gregory B. Kaplan, Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures, Chair

Students pursuing a major in Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures who wish to prepare for careers in international business may complete a special concentration in Chinese, French and Francophone Studies, German, Hispanic Studies, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese or Russian Studies. The concentration offers a professional emphasis in international business, international retail merchandising, or international agricultural economics, and some form of practical experience related to the concentration.

Due to extensive and multidisciplinary coursework required by the language and world business concentration/major, students are permitted to use three courses from the concentration/major to fulfill College of Arts and Sciences Basic Skills and Distribution requirements. These courses include STAT 201 * (toward fulfilling the quantitative reasoning requirement), ECON 201 * (toward fulfilling the Social Science requirement), and one course toward fulfilling the Humanities List A–Literature requirement or the Upper Level Distribution List B–Foreign Studies requirement.

Students interested in the language and world business program should contact the department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures as early as possible in their college careers.

Continuing, returning, and transfer students must meet progression requirements before declaring a concentration in language and world business.

Minimum requirements for entrance and progression to the major are a 2.7 cumulative average in all courses and a 3.0 average in language courses. Students must meet these requirements for progression prior to the completion of 75 hours. MFLL 199  is a requirement for the program. Program standards are adjusted periodically, and current requirements are available from the Director of the Language and World Business Program. For further information, inquire at 701 McClung Tower.

College Requirements

Arts and Sciences 

I. Language Requirement: German–27 hours

II. Practical Experience–3 hours


Students undertaking an internship are required to purchase professional liability insurance coverage before beginning service.  Information on this professional liability insurance coverage may be found at the following weblink: