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    Dec 05, 2022  
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Food Science and Technology Major, BS in Food Science – Pre-Pharmacy and Pre-Pharmacy 3+1 Concentrations

Food Science and Technology Major, BS in Food Science – Pre-Pharmacy and Pre-Pharmacy 3+1 Concentrations

The programs in pre-pharmacy allow students to be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Food Science with a major in food science and technology after three years and the successful completion of the first year (two semesters) in the UT-Memphis pharmacy programs. The last 30 hours of the three-year curriculum must be taken at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. A total of 120 hours must be completed by the end of the first year in professional school. No later than December 31 of the student’s first year in professional school (s)he should contact the Department of Food Science and Technology to check on graduation procedures for this program.

Although a Bachelor of Science degree is not required for admission to the professional school, most of the students accepted into these programs have the baccalaureate degree before admission. Therefore, students are encouraged to plan to complete all requirements for Bachelor of Science degree before enrolling in either of these colleges. A Bachelor of Science degree can be obtained before enrolling in the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program.

First Year  Hours Credit
1Arts and Humanities Elective * 3
BIOL 130 *-BIOL 140 * 8
CHEM 120 *-CHEM 130 * 8
2English* 6
FDST 101  3
3MATH 125 * or MATH 141 * or MATH 151 * 3-4
Second Year  
4BCMB 230   5
4BIOL 240   4
CHEM 350 , CHEM 360 -CHEM 369  8
FDST 201  1
5FDST 241  3
MICR 210 * or higher 3
PHYS 221 * 4
1Social Sciences Electives * 6

Third Year  
1Arts and Humanities Elective * 3
4BCMB 401 -BCMB 402  
1Cultures and Civilizations Electives * 6
4EEB 240   4
FDST 410  and FDST 421 -FDST 429  9
4MICR 430    3
STAT 201 * or Quantitative Reasoning Elective * 3
This curriculum meets the requirements for entrance to the College of Veterinary Medicine or UT medical or dental schools. After the first successful year in the professional school, the student will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Food Science with a major in food science and technology. Should the student not gain admittance after the junior year, the student could complete the following requirements during the senior year for a major in food science and technology with a pre-pharmacy concentration.
Fourth Year  
6Communicating Orally Elective * 3
Electives 3-4
7Food Science and Technology Electives 9
NUTR 100 * 3
   Total 120
* Meets University General Education Requirement .
1 Choose from the University General Education list . One of these courses must be a Communicating Through Writing  (WC) course.
2 Select either ENGL 101 * and ENGL 102 * or ENGL 118 * and ENGL 102 * Students who obtain a grade of A or B in ENGL 118 * may complete their freshman requirement with ENGL 102 *, ENGL 355 *, or with a 200-level course in the English Department. The 200-level course may, if so listed, also be used toward the Arts and Humanities  requirement.
3 Mathematics placement depends on high school courses and grades and ACT scores.
4 These courses meet pre-pharmacy requirements for UT-Memphis. PHYS 222 * is not required but may be for other pharmacy programs.
5 Food Science and Technology FDST 241  will be used to satisfy the CASNR computer technology/application requirement.
6 Students who gain admittance to a professional school must complete a Communicating Orally  (OC) course before entering the professional school to meet minimum general education requirements.
7 Choose from FDST 150 *, FDST 240 , FDST 390 , FDST 415 , FDST 430 , FDST 441 , FDST 442 , FDST 445 , FDST 461 , FDST 462 , FDST 495  or FDST 493  (maximum of 3 hours).