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2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Haslam Scholars Program

Steven P. Dandaneau, Associate Provost and Director

The Haslam Scholars Program is an intimate, four-year enrichment program in which elite students learn from and with one another through a series of integrated, interdisciplinary common seminars and extracurricular experiences, including common study abroad. The Haslam Scholars Program seeks a group of students who embrace the program’s emphasis on peer learning, make a commitment to its required four-year course of study, and are excited by the numerous possibilities afforded them to contribute significant forms of leadership and service. Prospective Haslam Scholars will combine exceptional scholarly and intellectual merit with evidence of leadership experience and potential. Maturity and seriousness of purpose, along with evidence of special talents and skills, are among those intangibles essential to the success of an intimate, intensive scholars program.

The Haslam Scholars Program curriculum totals 28 credit hours, and extends from a 1-credit summer program for newly matriculating first-year scholars to a 1-credit senior seminar in the scholar’s final semester. The curriculum serves the Haslam Scholar as the equivalent of the 25 credit hours required of Chancellor’s Honors students and contributes significantly to General Education requirements in every undergraduate degree program. Students in the Haslam Scholars Program must also be members of the Chancellor’s Honors Program.

As with the Chancellor’s Honors Program, no strict grade point average or test score minimums will be used in the Haslam Scholars Program selection process. It is, however, expected that Haslam Scholars are likely to have earned a truly superior GPA in a rigorous high school curriculum and scored in the top 1% of the national distribution of standardized test scores (e.g., 33+ ACT composite, 1460+ SAT or 2190+ new SAT).

The Haslam Scholars Program curriculum is 28 credit hours in total, composed of two 1-credit hour special seminars and programs in the first year, a minimum of 4 credit hours of honors course work in the first-year, an exclusive integrated series of three 3-credit hour seminars linked, at their conclusion, to a common 3-credit hour study abroad program, and 6 credit hours of in-depth individual research and its presentation to a 1-credit hour senior colloquium. Haslam Scholars will also engage in three credit hours of common service-learning or executive-level internships.

Required Courses

For more information on this program and the application process, please see the Haslam Scholars Program on the Chancellor’s Honors Program website (