2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jan 15, 2021  
2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Economics (Business Administration)

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Robert A. Bohm, Head

Bohm, R.A. (G.A. Spiva Scholar), PhD - Washington (St. Louis)
Clark, D.P. (Beaman Professor), PhD - Michigan State
Fox, W.F. (William B. Stokely Distinguished Professor of Business), PhD - Ohio State
Murray, M.N. (Ball Corporation Professor of Business), PhD - Syracuse
Neilson, W.S. (J. Fred Holly Chair of Excellence), PhD - California (San Diego)
Associate Professors
Bruce, D. (Douglas A. and Brenda Horne Professor), PhD - Syracuse
Gauger, J.A., PhD - Iowa State
Gilpatric, S., PhD - Texas A&M
Mohsin, M. (Reagan Scholar), PhD - York (Canada)
Santore, R., PhD - Ohio State
Vossler, C. (Stokely Scholar), PhD - Cornell
Assistant Professors
Carruthers, C., PhD - Florida
LaRiviere, J.S., PhD - California (San Diego)
Lima, L.R., PhD - Illinois
Price, M.K. (CBER Faculty Fellow), PhD - Maryland
Schaur, G., PhD - Purdue
Wanamaker, M., PhD - Northwestern
Research Professors
Bray, L.G., PhD - Tennessee
Greene, D.L., PhD - Johns Hopkins
McKee, M., PhD - Carlton (Canada)
Shelton, R.B., PhD - Southern Illinois
Research Associate Professors
Burton, M., PhD - Tennessee
Evans, M., PhD - Colorado
Kauffman, C.D., PhD - Tennessee
Baker, K., PhD - New Mexico
Bueckman, D., PhD - Tennessee
Adjunct Faculty
Bjornstad, David, PhD - Syracuse
Carter, S.R., PhD - Tennessee
Curlee, T.R., PhD - Purdue
Vogt, D.P., PhD - Syracuse
Emeriti Faculty
Bowlby, R.L., PhD - Texas
Carroll, S.L., PhD - Harvard
Cole, W.E., PhD - Texas
Chang, H.S., PhD - Vanderbilt
Davidson, P. (J. Fred Holly Chair of Excellence Emeritus), PhD - Pennsylvania
Herzog, Jr., H.W., PhD - Maryland
Lee, F.Y., PhD - Michigan State
Mayhew, A., PhD - Texas
Moore, J.R. (Alumni Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus), PhD - Cornell
Russell, M., PhD - Oklahoma
Spiva, Jr., G.A., PhD - Texas

The economics major provides an opportunity to apply the  theoretical and analytical rigor of basic managerial and macroeconomic tools to contemporary issues in economics and business. Students choose from a traditional option (24 hours in economics), a collateral option (complementary course work in finance, mathematics, or statistics), or a dual concentration in international business. Electives, as well as major course work under the traditional option, consider topics such as business/industrial organization and public finance, as well as international, quantitative, monetary, regional/urban, environmental, labor, and health economics. Majors pursue careers in the traditional business disciplines, consulting, all levels of government service, and a variety of other fields. The program provides excellent training for graduate work in economics, business, public policy, and law. Students planning to pursue graduate study in economics should elect the quantitative economics and mathematics collateral option.


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