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    University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Aug 10, 2022  
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Graduate Catalog


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Misty G. Anderson, Head
Benjamin F. Lee,
Director of Graduate Studies

Anderson, M.G. (Cox Professor), PhD – Vanderbilt
Billone, A.C., PhD – Princeton
Dean, M.L. (Lindsay Young Professor), MFA – Michigan
Eady, C. (Hodges Chair of Excellence), MFA – Warren Wilson
Elias, A.J. (Distinguished Humanities Professor), PhD – Penn State
Garner, Jr., S.B. (J. Douglas Bruce Chair), PhD – Princeton
Haddox, T.F., PhD – Vanderbilt
Henry, N.E. (Nancy Goslee Chair), PhD – Chicago
Hirschfeld, H.A. (Curry Professor), PhD – Duke
Howes, L.L., PhD – Columbia
Jennings, L.D. (Distinguished Humanities Professor), PhD – North Carolina
Knight, M., MFA – Virginia
Liuzza, R.M., PhD – Yale
Ndigirigi, J.G., PhD – California (Los Angeles)
Papke, M.E., PhD – McGill (Canada)
Stillman, R.E., PhD – Pennsylvania

Associate Professors
Chiles, K.L., PhD – Northwestern
Cohen-Vrignaud, G.G., PhD – Chicago
Coleman, D.D., PhD – Stanford
Dzon, M.C., PhD – Toronto (Canada)
Griffin, M., PhD – California (Los Angeles)
Hardwig, W.J., PhD – Florida
Havens, H.C., PhD – McGill (Canada)
Huth, T., PhD – Kansas
King, L.M., PhD – Kansas
Lee, B.F., PhD – Virginia
Morey, S.W., PhD – Florida
Ringer, J.M., PhD – New Hampshire
Saenkhum, T., PhD – Arizona State
Schoenbach, L.M., PhD – Virginia
Seshagiri, U.S. (Lindsay Young Professor), PhD – Illinois
Welch, A.K., PhD – Yale

Assistant Professors
Alexander, J.J., PhD – Utah State
Harris, D.B., PhD – Virginia
Hebert, C.J., MFA – Michigan
Palis, E.M., PhD – Pennsylvania
Rocha, I., PhD – Western Michigan

Distinguished Lecturer
Barrow Nichols, R., PhD – Iowa
Brouwers, M.H., PhD – Western Michigan
Harris, S.C., PhD – Tennessee
Hoffer, L.A., PhD – Penn State
MacCartey, K.D., PhD – Warwick (UK)
Murphy, A.A., PhD – George Washington
Nicks, R.J.G., PhD – Florida
Smith, E.S., PhD – S. Mississippi

Senior Lecturers
Addicott, R.M., PhD – Florida
Bannon, B.D., PhD – Western Ontario
Braun, W.A., PhD – Louisiana State
Dean, L.M., PhD – Tennessee
Gentry, E., MA – Tennessee
Greene, T.C., PhD – Tennessee
Knox, L.B., MA – Indiana
MacKenzie, S.H., PhD – Tennessee
Massey, K.L., PhD – Tennessee
McCue, K., MA – Tennessee
McKinstry, D.K., PhD – Tennessee
McLeod, J.P., PhD – Tennessee
Meredith, E.G., MA – Tennessee
Newburn, H.F., PhD – Illinois (Carbondale)
Sheffield, C.L., MA – Radford
Spirko, R.L., PhD – North Carolina
Tabone, M.A., MA – Tennessee

Akers, H.S., PhD – Georgia
Backer, H.D., PhD – Georgia State
Backer, M., PhD – Tennessee
Branum Thrash, C., PhD – Tennessee
Cantrell, S., PhD – North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Cooley, E., MFA – Purdue
Han, J.S., PhD – Indiana (Bloomington)
Higgins, M., PhD – Tennessee
Langendorfer, A., PhD – Ohio
Melton, S.E., PhD – Tennessee
Nottingham, C.F., PhD – Tennessee
Pizappi, D., PhD – Tennessee
Saeli, H., PhD – Oklahoma State
Snellen, A.M., PhD – Tennessee
Stricker, S., PhD – Tennessee
Swanson, V.H., PhD – Tennessee
Todd, A., PhD – Tennessee
Turner, S.A., PhD – Virginia
Wallace, D.D., PhD – Tennessee
Wallace, J., MFA – Tennessee
Yost, R., M.A. – Tennessee

Judith Anderson Herbert Writing Center Director
Benson, K.F., EdD – Tennessee

Artist in Residence
Birdsong, D., PhD – Vanderbilt

Majors, Degrees
English Major, MA  
  Literature, Criticism and Textual Studies concentration 
  Rhetoric, Writing, and Linguistics concentration
Creative Writing Major, MFA  
English Major, PhD  
  Creative Writing concentration
  Literature, Criticism and Textual Studies concentration
  Rhetoric, Writing, and Linguistics concentration
Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate  

The Department of English offers the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees with a major in English, and the Master of Fine Arts with a major in Creative Writing. Concentrations for the MA are available in: Literature, Criticism, and Textual Studies (thesis or non-thesis option); and Rhetoric, Writing, and Linguistics (thesis option only); and concentrations for the PhD are available in Creative Writing (with creative dissertation); Literature, Criticism, and Textual Studies; and Rhetoric, Writing, and Linguistics.

Detailed information about the master’s and doctoral programs and individual graduate courses may be obtained by writing the Director of Graduate Studies in English, 306 McClung Tower. A prospective student may contact the Office of Graduate Admissions for procedures and for other admissions information. For additional information, please visit the Graduate Studies in English pages through the Department of English website.

The Department of English does not accept students in non-degree or provisional status. A student who wishes to enter the department must apply in degree-seeking status for his/her application to receive consideration for admission to any graduate program in English.

Important Note: Students enrolling in English graduate courses must first register in the Office of the Director of Graduate Studies in 306 McClung Tower.

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