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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Major Requirements    Minor Requirements  


Mariam G. Thalos, Head – University of Illinois, Chicago

Coffman, E.J., PhD – Notre Dame
Cureton, A., PhD – North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Reidy, D.A., JD, PhD – Kansas
Thalos, M.G., PhD – Illinois

Associate Professors
Berenstain, N., PhD – Texas
Garthoff, J., PhD – UCLA
Gehrman, K., PhD – UCLA
Palmer, D., PhD – Texas
Shaw, J.C., PhD – Washington (St. Louis)

Assistant Professor
Gardiner, G., PhD – Rutgers

Distinguished Lecturer
Feldt, A., PhD – Oklahoma

Senior Lecturers
Harper, S., PhD – Boston College
Watson, J., PhD – Purdue
Windeknecht, R. PhD – Keele University (UK)

Baker, J., (post-doc), PhD – Tennessee
Bowman, M., PhD – Utah
Clausen, G. – Arizona
Cupples, L. (post doc) PhD – South Carolina
Eldridge, R., PhD – Chicago
Falls, E., PhD – Tennessee
Leland, P., PhD – Johns Hopkins
Molter, D., PhD – Utah
Moore, M., PhD – Temple
Pamental, M., PhD – Indiana
Ryan, K., PhD – Memphis
Von Mizener, S., PhD – Tennessee

Adjunct Faculty
Beasley, A.D., MD – Tennessee
Dunn, A.R., PhD – Washington
Mendola, A., PhD – Tennessee
Wagner, C.G., PhD – Duke

Emeriti Faculty
Aquila, R., PhD – Northwestern
Nolt, J.E., PhD – Ohio State

Philosophy has traditionally posed three time-honored questions which philosophers have attempted to answer from ancient times: (1) What is real? (2) How do we know? (3) What should we do? (metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, respectively). The department’s program is designed to introduce students to the rich tradition of thought and speculation around these and related questions. This journey provides students with an understanding of the development of the thought of their civilization and thus prepares them to participate thoughtfully and critically in our complex, modern society. Students taking philosophy courses will develop skills in critical thinking, argumentation, reading, and writing.