2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 27, 2020  
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Animal Science

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F. N. Schrick, Head
Cheryl J. Kojima, Undergraduate Coordinator

Brown, W.F. (Dean, AgResearch), PhD – Nebraska
Edwards, J.L., PhD – Florida
Kattesh, H.G., PhD – Virginia Tech
Kirkpatrick, F.D., PhD – Tennessee
Lin, J., PhD – Ohio State
Neel, J.B., PhD – Tennessee
Oliver, S.P. (Assistant Dean, AgResearch), PhD – Ohio State
Saxton, A.M., PhD – North Carolina State
Schrick, F.N., PhD – Clemson
Smith, M.O., PhD – Oklahoma State

Associate Professors
Kojima, C.J., PhD – Missouri
Pighetti, G.M., PhD – Penn State
Voy, B.H., PhD – Tennessee

Assistant Professors
Krawczel, P.D., PhD – Vermont
Mulliniks, J.T., PhD – New Mexico State
Pohler, K., PhD – Missouri
Rhinehart, J.D., PhD – West Virginia
Rius, A.G., DVM, PhD – Virginia Tech
Strickland, L.G., DVM, MS – Auburn

Research Associate Professor
Almeida, R. – Iowa State

Research Assistant Professors
Rispoli, L.A. – Colorado State
Zeng, X. – Tennessee

Research Assistant Professor of Practice
Prado, M.E., DVM, PhD – Oklahoma State

Mitchell, J.W., BS – Tennessee
Roper, D., MS – Tennessee
Shanks, J.P., MS – Tennessee

Edwards, Kattesh, Kojima, Pighetti, Prado, Rius, Roper, Schrick, Shanks, Smith

The curriculum is designed to prepare students for leadership careers in animal management and well-being. Through course selection, students may prepare for careers throughout the animal agriculture sector, or continued professional study through veterinary, medical, pharmacy, or graduate school programs. Elective selection permits individualized curricula for students interested in careers in management of a particular species, advanced nutrition or physiology, or a variety of other options. Other elective selections include internship opportunities with various industries and non-profit organizations across the nation as well as undergraduate research studies performed in conjunction with nationally-recognized faculty.


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