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    University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Dec 02, 2023  
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Major Requirements 

Minor Requirements

Conrad Plaut, Head

Alexiades, V., PhD - Delaware
Anderson, D.F., PhD - Chicago
Chen, X., PhD - Rutgers
Daverman, R.J., PhD - Wisconsin
Dobbs, D.E., PhD - Cornell
Dydak, J., PhD - Warsaw (Poland)
Feng, X., PhD - Purdue
Frazier, M., PhD - California (Los Angeles)
Gavrilets, S., PhD - Moscow State
Gross, L., PhD - Cornell
Hinton, D.B., PhD - Tennessee
Karakashian, O., PhD - Harvard
Lenhart, S., PhD - Kentucky
Mulay, S., PhD - Purdue
Plaut, C.P., PhD - Maryland
Rajput, B.S., PhD - Illinois
Richter, S., PhD - Michigan
Rosinski, J., PhD - Wroclaw (Poland)
Schulze, T., PhD - Northwestern
Simpson, H., PhD - California Institute of Technology
Stephenson, K.R., PhD - Wisconsin
Sundberg, C., PhD - Wisconsin
Thistlethwaite, M., PhD - Manchester (UK)
Todorova, G.H., PhD - Moscow State
Wade, W.R., PhD - California (Riverside)
Wagner, G.G., PhD - Duke
Xiong, J., PhD - North Carolina

Associate Professors
Brodskiy, N., PhD - Saskatchewan (Canada)
Collins, C., PhD - Minnesota
Conant, J., PhD - Rutgers
Denzler, J., PhD - ETH (Zurich)
Freire, A., PhD - Princeton
Plechac, P., PhD - Charles University (Prague)
Tzermias, P., PhD - California (Berkeley)

Assistant Professors
Day, J., PhD - Pittsburgh
Finotti, L., PhD - Texas
Lind, J., PhD - Washington
Maroulas, V., PhD - North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
Nicoara, R., PhD - California (Los Angeles)
Schwartz, F., PhD - Cornell
Wise, S., PhD - Virginia
Xing, Y., PhD - Brown

Bonee, K., MS - Tennessee
Booth, H., PhD - Princeton
Caldwell, J., PhD - Illinois
Conner, A., MM - Tennessee
Contole, A., MM - Tennessee
Cook, T., MS - Tennessee
Fowler, J., MA - Kentucky
Gilbert, M., MS - Tennessee
Guest, R., MS - Baylor
Guldan, D., MS - Kentucky
Hagan, R., MS - Tennessee
Long, J., PhD - Michigan
McClard, M., MA - Murray State
Moore, S., MS - Tennessee
Moseley, J., MM - Tennessee
Peery, M., MM - Tennessee
Pringle, K., PhD - Oregon
Reagan, R.D., MM - Tennessee
Remus, C., MS - Tennessee
Self, C., MS - Tennessee
Smith, K., MM - Tennessee
Stein, D., MS - Tennessee
Sukanek, K., MS - Mississippi

All entering freshmen and all other students who have not completed a college level mathematics course, except students who have received AP calculus credit, must take UT Knoxville’s Mathematics Placement Exam before enrolling in a mathematics course. Placement in the appropriate course will be determined by the score on the exam. Ordinarily, a student will not be allowed to enroll in a course at a level above that determined by his or her placement exam score. In exceptional circumstances, students will have the right to appeal their placement to the Mathematics Department. The exam will be administered during summer orientation and at designated times during the fall, spring, and summer registration.


Students pursuing a B.S. degree in the Department of Mathematics are eligible to participate in the University’s VolsTeach program (, which permits students to simultaneously complete a major in mathematics or science and receive secondary education teaching licensure within the 4-year undergraduate degree program through the completion of a VolsTeach minor. For more information about VolsTeach, including advising associated with teaching licensure requirements, contact the Center for Enhancing Education in Mathematics and Science (101 Greve Hall).

Major Requirements 

Minor Requirements