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    University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Dec 05, 2022  
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Major Requirements 

Minor Requirements

Christopher P. Craig, Head

Craig, C.P., PhD - North Carolina
Martin, S.D., PhD - Michigan

Associate Professors
Lafferty, M.K., PhD - Toronto (Canada)
Sklenar, R.J., PhD - Michigan
Sutherland, E.H., PhD - California (Berkeley)
Van de Moortel, A., PhD - Bryn Mawr

Assistant Professors
Friend, J.L., PhD - Texas
Vergados, A., PhD - Virginia

Research Professors
Gesell, G.C., PhD - North Carolina
Langdon, M.K., PhD - Pennsylvania

Bartera, S., PhD - Virginia

Adjunct Faculty
Dessel, J.P., PhD - Arizona
Dzon, M., PhD - Toronto (Canada)
Heffernan, T.J., PhD - Cambridge (UK)
Jones, D.W., PhD - Chicago
Shaw, J.C., PhD - Washington (St. Louis)
Shepardson, C., PhD - Duke
Stiebert, J., PhD - Glasgow (UK)

The department’s programs are designed to allow students to understand the foundations of the western cultural tradition. This is done through a focus on the classical languages and literatures, archaeology, art, mythology and religion, political and social history. Through these studies, students develop skills in critical thinking, reading, writing and speaking. They also develop a sense of the ways in which both shared traditions and personal creativity inform one’s choices, and of the opportunities for good citizenship in a complex world.

Placement Examination

Students who transfer with university-level credit in Latin should register for the courses in which they would normally be placed on the basis of such credit. Students who enter with high school credit in Latin must take the departmental placement exam. The department does not offer a regular placement exam in Classical Greek; students who enter with prior experience in Greek should contact the department head regarding placement.

Proficiency Examinations

Students who have acquired a knowledge of Latin through private study or tutoring should request from the department a proficiency test. A student who earns a grade of B or better in this examination is eligible for credit toward graduation. A student who omits any course in a sequence may receive credit for it by passing the appropriate proficiency examination.

Major Requirements 

Minor Requirements