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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Construction Science and Management Major, BS in Construction Science and Management

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Buchanan, Burk, Sain, Smith

The Bachelor of Science in Construction Science and Management prepares students for entry into the very broad and diverse range of careers related to construction, including residential, agricultural, commercial, roadway, and excavation construction. Students in this program typically enjoy the outdoors and the sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing a project grow from an idea to a finished product. This field relies on knowledge from engineering, technology, construction, and business, and combines those with important skills related to teamwork and leadership. The program provides a strong background in science and math, adds fundamental concepts from engineering, and provides exposure to relevant technology and techniques such as CAD, land surveying, and estimating. The major focuses on specific technical areas providing the skills required to manage the sophisticated technological systems increasingly essential in today’s construction world. Coursework in economics and the management of a small business are also included, along with oral and written communication. This program is designed to be less theoretical, more applied, and focused on the broad range of management opportunities within the construction industry.

Transfer or change of major students seeking admission into the Construction Science and Management degree program must be in good academic standing (2.00 or higher in the UT system).

Proper selection of business-related elective courses in the Construction Science and Management program may meet the coursework requirements for a Minor in Business Administrationor or for a Minor in Agricultural Business. This business background is supplemented with courses addressing construction-specific issues in accounting, finance, and law. Issues related to green/sustainable construction practices are also covered. Students are encouraged to identify experiences in construction practice such as internships or part time/summer work, which is facilitated through the very active Construction Science Student Club.

uTrack Requirements

Universal Tracking (uTrack) is an academic monitoring system designed to help students stay on track for timely graduation. In order to remain on track, students must complete the minimum requirements for each tracking semester, known as milestones. Milestones include successful completion of specified courses and/or attainment of a minimum GPA. uTrack requirements only affect full-time, degree-seeking students.

Term 1

Credit Hours 17

Term 1 Milestone Notes

Term 2

Credit Hours 13

Term 2 Milestone Notes

Credit Hours 16

Term 3 Milestone Notes

Credit Hours 17

Term 4 Milestone Notes

Credit Hours 15

Term 5 Milestone Notes

  • No milestones

Term 6

  • 3 Business Elective 3 Credit Hours

Credit Hours 15

Term 6 Milestone Notes

  • No milestones

Credit Hours 15

Term 7 Milestone Notes

  • Apply to graduate

Term 8

Credit Hours 12

Term 8 Milestone Notes

  • No milestones

Total Credit Hours 120


  1. Select from the corresponding Volunteer Core  list after consultation with an advisor.
  2. A student initially placing into MATH 130  may take either MATH 130  (4 hours) + MATH 141 * (4 hours), or MATH 131  (3 hours) + MATH 132 * (3 hours) to meet the requirements.
  3. Select from the following list: AREC 212 , AREC 270 *, AREC 313 , AREC 314 , AREC 324 , AREC 331 , AREC 342 , AREC 350 , AREC 352 , AREC 444  ;FINC 300 , MGT 300 , MARK 300 . NOTE: Those seeking the seeking the Business Administration Minor must take ACCT 200 , ECON 201 *, FINC 300 , MGT 201 , MGT 300 , and MARK 300 . Those seeking the Agricultural Business Minor must take ACCT 200 , AREC 201  or ECON 201 , AREC 212 , AREC 342 , and 6 additional hours from any 300-level or 400-level AREC courses.
  4. Note that some electives have required prerequisites. See individual course descriptions for specific information. ALEC 450 ; AREC 342 ; EPP 410 , EPP 425 ESS 424 , ESS 442 , ESS 444 ESS 454 , ESS 462 ; IE 304 , IE 423 , IE 452 ; PLSC 240 , PLSC 410 *, PLSC 430 , PLSC 434 , PLSC 435 .

* Meets Volunteer Core Requirements .

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