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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Public Health Major, MPH


An online application must be submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office. A departmental application (MPH data form), a statement of the applicant’s educational and career goals, Graduate Record Examination scores, and three rating forms are required. Admission to the University of Tennessee Graduate School is also required for admission to the MPH program. Preferential consideration for admission to degree status shall be given to those with a minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 and with at least one year of professional experience in a health-related occupation.  As a restricted program, non-degree admission requires program director recommendation.

Application deadlines for completed applications are:
     February 1, for summer term.
     April 1,  for fall semester.
     October 1 for spring semester - NOTE: spring admission is open to new part-time students only.
           New full-time students will not be considered for spring admission.

Admission forms are available at http://graduateadmissions.utk.edu/apply.shtml and http://publichealth.utk.edu/prospective/apply/.

The MPH is a non-thesis program requiring completion of 42 hours of course work including nine weeks of field practice. The field internship provides a full-time experience with an affiliated health agency or organization offering one or more health programs. Of importance, field practice allows the student to apply academic theories, concepts, and skills in an actual work setting.

Graduate study with a major in public health leads to the Master of Public Health (MPH). Three professional preparation concentrations are available – community health education, health policy and management, and veterinary public health. Preparation for professional practice in improving community health emphasizes a population perspective, service-learning and application opportunities through rigorous internships.

The MPH program is accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).


  Hours Credit
1 Public Health Foundations 20
2 Concentration of Study (Community Health Education, Health Policy and Management, or Veterinary Public Health) 10
3 Electives 6
4 Internship    6
  Total 42

1 Public Health Foundation courses: PUBH 509  (2 hrs.) PUBH 510 , PUBH 520 , PUBH 530 , PUBH 537 , PUBH 540 , PUBH 555 .
2 Community Health Education: PUBH 536 , PUBH 550 , PUBH 552 .
   Health Policy and Management: PUBH 521 , PUBH 525 PUBH 527 .
   Veterinary Public Health: Comparative and Experimental Medicine CEM 506 , CEM 611 , and either CEM 507  OR CEM 508 .
3 Listings of electives specific for each concentration are available in MPH program office.
4 Internship: PUBH 587 , PUBH 588 . Written guidelines stipulating eligibility criteria and expectations are available.

Students are required to pass a MPH comprehensive exam.

NOTE: To meet program requirements, students must select courses in consultation with an assigned program advisor. Program totals are minimums and some students may be required to complete additional course work to overcome background deficiencies.