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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Educational Psychology Major, MS

Distance Education Program: EdPsych Online

The Educational Psychology Distance Education Program, EdPsych Online, is designed for professionals working in school settings, colleges and universities, and business and government as well as those preparing for work in these and related areas. All courses for this degree are offered online through Distance Education. The faculty members in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling are committed to the creation and study of environments that enhance learning potential and promote lifelong learning for people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. The program requires 36 hours of non-thesis coursework and a comprehensive examination.

Students take 24 hours of core courses and choose from two concentrations for 12 additional hours in either Adult Education or Applied Educational Psychology. The degree can be completed in two years by taking two online courses per semester fall, spring and summer semesters. For additional information visit the following websites:


Educational Psychology Core Courses (24 hours)

EDPY 506 
EDPY 507 
EDPY 512 
EDPY 513 
EDPY 521 
EDPY 525 
EDPY 573 
EDPY 574 

Adult Education Concentration

Adult Education focuses on the advanced educational needs of professionals who work with adults in a host of settings. The concentration includes coursework in such areas as adult learning and development, program planning, reflective practice, professional issues in adult education, research, and teaching adults. Emphasis is on the development of reflective practitioners who actively participate in leadership and service to promote adult learning in a global community. This concentration may be used as a stepping stone for doctoral study in adult education, adult learning, or related areas.

Adult Education Concentration Courses (12 hours)
EDPY 520 
EDPY 522 
EDPY 527 
EDPY 524  


Applied Educational Psychology Concentration

Applied Educational Psychology focuses on concepts, principles, techniques, and models of educational psychology as they are used to facilitate teaching and learning and the creation of effective classroom environments for learners of all ages. The concentration includes traditional themes in educational psychology (e.g., human development, learning principles, assessment, and psychoeducational intervention). The concentration may be used as a stepping stone for entering a doctoral program in educational or school psychology or as an additional preparation for functioning in an educational role in schools, mental health centers, and business programs devoted to personal and professional development.

Applied Educational Psychology Concentration Courses (12 hours)
EDPY 510 
EDPY 572 
COUN 525 
IT course (students select a relevant graduate level course offered online by the IT faculty with approval from advisor)