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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Educational Psychology and Research Major, PhD – Evaluation, Statistics, and Measurement Concentration

The Evaluation, Statistics, and Measurement (ESM) concentration is designed to (a) provide students with broad but rigorous skills so they can function, upon graduation, as esteemed professionals, (b) generate scholarship that is relevant to and appreciated by scholars external to the University of Tennessee who work in areas of evaluation, applied statistics, and measurement, and (c) achieve a reputation, nationally and internationally, as the preferred place where highly qualified students and faculty members want to study and work. This concentration combines elements of theory, methods, and hands-on applications to provide students with relevant knowledge, skills, and dispositions for engaging in research, teaching, and/or the practice of evaluation, statistics, or measurement.


The PhD concentration in Evaluation, Statistics, and Measurement involves a minimum of 90 hours beyond the baccalaureate degree distributed among the following categories.

  Hours Credit
1Basic Concentration 21
2Advanced Concentration 18
3Research 15
4Cognate 6
5Electives 6
6Dissertation  24
  Total 90

1 The Basic Concentration consists of the following courses: EDPY 601 , EDPY 682 , EDPY 533 , EDPY 559 EDPY 577 , EDPY 677 , and EDPY 660  (660 is a one credit hour course taken five (5) times).
2 The advanced concentration consists of the following courses: EDPY 651 , EDPY 652 , EDPY 534 , EDPY 670  (a three-hour course taken at minimum of two times), and EDPY 678 .
3 Research courses must include EDPY 581  and EDPY 583  as well as three additional courses as approved by the student’s advisor.
4 Students, in consultation with their advisor, must select two courses outside the ESM concentration that complement their professional focus.
5 Students, in consultation with their advisor, select two courses focused on content areas they expect to address as professionals.
6 Students will enroll in a minimum of 24 hours of dissertation at the conclusion of their coursework.