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2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Global Security Studies Graduate Certificate

The graduate certificate in Global Security Studies is a 15-hour certificate designed to provide students with a focused course of study in conflict processes, arms control, weapons proliferation, terrorism, international law, and U.S. national security institutions. The certificate will provide students with analytical tools to critically evaluate threats to U.S. and global security and develop the skills to model those threats effectively. The goal of the certificate is to foster an interdisciplinary dialogue on extant and emerging threats to the U.S. homeland and interests abroad. Experts from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives, including business, physical and natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, and government, will often be asked to participate in the certificate to help students understand and appreciate the complex and difficult issues involved in U.S. and global security.

Students who are currently admitted in a program in the Department of Political Science or students admitted in other master’s or doctoral programs can earn the certificate in Global Security Studies while completing their degrees. Admission to the Political Science Department is not required to earn the certificate in Global Security Studies. Interested applicants not currently admitted at UTK will complete and submit an online application to the Office of Graduate Admissions for admission to the Global Security Studies certificate.

Political Science 580 (POLS 580 ) is required along with four of the following courses:
Nuclear Engineering (NE 530 )
Political Science (POLS 548 
Political Science (POLS 571 )
Political Science (POLS 573 )
Political Science (POLS 682 )
Political Science (POLS 684 )
Political Science (POLS 685 )
Political Science (POLS 686 )

After completing all requirements, submit the Completion of Certificate Program form, with original signatures, to The Graduate School for processing.