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2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Child and Family Studies Major, PhD

The department supports a doctoral program that features the integration of human development, family studies, and early childhood education, and which focuses specifically on the themes of development and learning in context, cross-cultural/contextual issues, and children and families at risk. It prepares students for teaching and research positions as well as those in policy, practice, and community outreach, recognizing that a rigorous research background is required for all of them. The program is flexible, allowing students to develop individualized programs in which they can focus on a selected area of study. Further information about the PhD program can be found at


The requirements specified below are in addition to those of the Graduate School.

  Hours Credit
Core:  CFS 510 , CFS 550 , CFS 552  9
1 CFS Specialization 16
2 Statistics / Analytic courses 9
3 Research Methods 6
4 Electives outside of CFS 6
Professional Seminar 1 - CFS 572  1
Professional Seminar 2 - CFS 672  1
5Dissertation 24
  Total 72

1Minimum of 16 semester hours of child and family studies courses; at least 6 hours must be at the 600-level. Can include courses from MS degree.
23 hours of graduate-level statistics plus two additional analytic courses (quantitative or qualitative).
3CFS 570  and a 600-level methods course selected from CFS 633 , CFS 650 , or CFS 660 .
4Can include additional Methods/Analytic courses.
5Must be preceded by a master’s thesis or pre-doctoral research project that is approved by the student’s doctoral committee.