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    Jan 24, 2022  
2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog 
2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry Major, BS in Chemistry

The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry is approved by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society. It is designed to train students to go directly into positions in the chemical industry or to enter graduate study leading to positions in research and college teaching. A student in the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry program should, at the earliest opportunity, ask the Arts and Sciences Advising Center for assignment of a faculty advisor in the Department of Chemistry.  For further information, contact the Head of Department of Chemistry, 552 Buehler Hall.

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry • Chemistry Major

Although not reflected in the showcase, students are required to meet the University General Education Requirement as stated in this catalog. Consult the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Services for information.

First Year

Hours Credit

CHEM 120 -CHEM 130  or (preferably) CHEM 128 -CHEM 138  8
MATH 141 -MATH 142  8
English Composition 6
1Foreign Language (intermediate level sequence) 6-10
2Distribution 3

Second Year

CHEM 240  2
CHEM 230  3
CHEM 350  or CHEM 358 CHEM 360  or CHEM 368  6
CHEM 369  2
MATH 241  and either MATH 231  or MATH 251  7
PHYS 135 -PHYS 136  or PHYS 137 -PHYS 138  8-10
2Distribution 3

Third Year

CHEM 310 -CHEM 320  6
CHEM 319 -CHEM 329  3
CHEM 473 -CHEM 483  6
CHEM 479 -CHEM 489  4
2Distribution 9
3Electives 3

Fourth Year

CHEM 430  3
CHEM 439  1
CHEM 406  1
CHEM 400  3
BCMB 401  4
4Chemistry Electives 3
2Distribution 9
3Electives 9

Total 126-132

1 Preferably chosen from German, French, Russian or Japanese; the College of Arts and Sciences requires that a student demonstrate intermediate-level competence in whatever foreign language is chosen.
2 The distribution requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences are satisfied by taking non-U. S. history (6 hours), social science (6 hours), humanities (6 hours), and upper level distribution (3 hours in U.S. studies and 3 hours in foreign studies). The number of credit hours shown in each year of the curriculum are merely intended as guidelines.
3 It is recommended that a portion of these elective hours be applied to advanced courses in biochemistry and cellular and molecular biology, mathematics, physics, or chemical, metallurgical, and polymer engineering.
4 To be chosen from CHEM 400 , CHEM 408 , CHEM 420 , CHEM 450 , and CHEM 490 .

Chemistry Honors Concentration

Candidates for the honors concentration must fulfill all of the requirements for either the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry or the regular Bachelor of Science degree and must satisfy the following stipulations: