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2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog 
2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Animal Science

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Alan G. Mathew, Head
Richard N. Heitmann, Undergraduate Coordinator

Brown, W.F. (Dean, AgResearch), PhD - Nebraska
Godkin, J.D., PhD - Massachusetts
Heitmann, R.N., PhD - Maine
Hopkins, F.M., DVM - Georgia
Kattesh, H.G., PhD - Virginia Tech
Kirkpatrick, F.D., PhD - Tennessee
Lane, C.D., PhD - Tennessee
Mathew, A.G., PhD - Purdue
Moustaid-Moussa, N., PhD - Paris
Neel, J.B., PhD - Tennessee
Oliver, S.P. (Assistant Dean, AgResearch), PhD - Ohio State
Robbins, K.R., PhD - Illinois
Saxton, A.M., PhD - North Carolina State
Schrick, F.N., PhD - Clemson
Smith, M.O., PhD - Oklahoma State
Associate Professors
Edwards, J.L., PhD - Florida
Lin, J., PhD - Ohio State
Pighetti, G.M., PhD - Penn State
Waller, J.C., PhD - Nebraska
Assistant Professors
Kojima, C.J., PhD - Missouri
McIntosh, B.J. PhD - Virginia Tech
Prado, M.E., DVM, PhD - Oklahoma State
Rhinehart, J.D., PhD - West Virginia
Voy, B.H., PhD - Tennessee
Fisher, A.E., MS - Tennessee
Kriewald, R., MS - Texas A & M
Mitchell, J.W., BS - Tennessee
Fisher, Godkin, Heitmann, Kattesh, Kojima, Kriewald, Pighetti, Prado, Robbins, Schrick, Smith, Waller

The curriculum is designed to prepare students for leadership careers in livestock production and related industries. Courses in horse, swine, poultry, sheep, dairy, beef cattle and companion, zoo and lab animal production and management may be elected, providing the opportunity for special or additional training in the dynamic livestock and husbandry technology (production) areas. Through course selection, students may prepare for general or livestock farming, management, business, or science, or elect the pre-veterinary courses preparatory for specialization. Elective selection permits special training for work with feed companies, meat animal, milk, egg, or poultry production, managerial or marketing groups, other educational agencies, supply and equipment business, agricultural extension services, agricultural communication, public relations, and various organizations associated with agriculture.

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