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2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theory and Practice in Teacher Education


Lynn Liao Hodge, Head
Tara Moore, Associate Head
K. Stewart Waters, Associate Head
Kristen Rearden, Assistant Head
Joshua Kenna, Director of Graduate Studies

Aydeniz, M., PhD – Florida State
Botzakis, S., PhD – Georgia
Cihak, D., PhD – Georgia State
Groenke, S., PhD – Virginia Tech
Hodge, L., PhD – Vanderbilt
Laughter, J., PhD – Vanderbilt
Reed, D., PhD – Texas (Austin)
Waters, K., PhD – Central Florida
Wolbers, K., PhD – Michigan State
Yamagata-Lynch, L., PhD – Indiana

Associate Professors
Brown, C., EdD – George Washington
Coleman-Lopatic, M., PhD – Georgia State
Harper, F., PhD – Michigan State
Kenna, J., PhD – Central Florida
Moore, T., PhD – Vanderbilt
Philippakos, Z., PhD – Delaware
Romero-Hall, E., PhD – Old Dominion
Rosenberg, J., PhD – Michigan State

Assistant Professors
Bertling, J., PhD – Georgia
Boucher, A., PhD – Texas (Austin)
Coda, J., PhD – Georgia (Athens)
Cosby, M., PhD – Michigan State
Holtz, E., PhD – Texas A&M
Moudgalya, S., PhD – Michigan State
Owens, J., PhD – Texas A&M
Secora, K., PhD – California (San Diego)
Skyer, M., PhD – Rochester
Starks, F., PhD – Georgia State
Reeves, S., PhD – Florida
Wong, R., PhD – Washington State

Clinical Professor
Hopkins, T., PhD – Tennessee
Jordan, J., PhD – Tennessee
Rearden, K., PhD – Texas A & M

Clinical Associate Professors
Anderson, A., PhD – Tennessee
Kirkpatrick, Y., PhD – Tennessee
MacTavish, E., PhD – Tennessee
Shahan, C., PhD – Gallaudet
Smith, C., PhD – Tennessee

Clinical Assistant Professors
Al-Aseer, J., PhD – Tennessee
Austin, K., PhD – Kansas
Rigell, A., PhD – Tennessee
Varnes, A., PhD – Tennessee
Wallace, K., PhD – Tennessee

Assistant Professor of Practice
Cao, Y., PhD – California (Irvine)

Research Professor
Smith, D., PhD – Nebraska

Research Assistant Professor
Bowers, D., PhD – Michigan State

Senior Lecturers
Alderman, D., MEd – Georgia (Athens)
Farley, C., MS – Tennessee
Haggard, A., MA – Gallaudet
Stricklen, W., MA – Denver

Cooper, S., PhD – Nebraska (Lincoln)
Hufstedler, A., EdS – Middle State Tennessee
Potts, M., MS – North Florida
Swafford, E., MS – Tennessee

Majors, Degrees
Education Major, MS, Instructional Technology concentration (TPTE Department)  
Teacher Education Major, MS  
  Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Concentration
  Educational Studies Concentration with
    American Sign Language Education Specialization
      Art Education Specialization
    Cultural Studies of Educational Foundations Specialization
    Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Specialization
    Elementary Education Specialization
    English Education Specialization
    Literacy Education Specialization
    Mathematics Education Specialization
    Science Education Specialization
    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Specialization
    Social Science Education Specialization
    Special Education Specialization
    Teaching and Learning Specialization
    World Language/ESL Specialization
  Professional Internship Concentrations for Initial Licensure
    Art Education Professional Internship Concentration
    ASL Education Professional Internship Concentration
    Deaf Education Professional Internship Concentration
    Elementary Education Professional Internship Concentration
    English Education and English as a Second Language Professional Internship Concentration
    Mathematics Education Professional Internship Concentration
    Science Education Professional Internship Concentration
    Social Sciences Education Professional Internship Concentration
    Special Education Professional Internship Concentration
    World Language Education Professional Internship Concentration
  Practitioner Concentration with 
    English as a Second Language Specialization
    Math Education Specialization
    Science Education Specialization
    Special Education Specialization
    World Languages Specialization
Teacher Education Major, EdS  
  Applied Behavior Analysis Concentration
  Art Education Concentration
  Educational Technology Concentration
  Elementary Education Concentration
  English Education Concentration
  Literacy Education Concentration
  Mathematics Education Concentration
  Practitioner Concentration
  Science Education Concentration
  Social Science Education Concentration
  Special Education Concentration
  Teaching and Learning Concentration
  World Language/ESL Education Concentration
Education Major, PhD  
  Learning, Design, and Technology concentration
  Literacy Studies Concentration with 
    Children’s and Young Adult Literature Specialization
    ESL Specialization
    Literacy Education Specialization
  Special Education, Deaf Education, and Interpreter Education Concentration
  Teacher Education Concentration with 
    Cultural Studies of Educational Foundations Specialization
    Elementary Education Specializaton
    English Education Specialization
    Mathematics Education Specialization
    Science Education Specialization
    Social Science Education Specialization
Graduate Certificates
  American Sign Language Education Graduate Certificate  
  Art Education (K-12) Graduate Certificate  
  Deaf Education (PreK-12) Graduate Certificate  
  Educational Data Science Graduate Certificate  
  Educational Technology Graduate Certificate  
  Elementary Education Graduate Certificate  
  English as a Second Language (PreK-12) Graduate Certificate  
  Literacy Specialist Graduate Certificate  
  Online Teaching and Learning Graduate Certificate  
  Secondary English Education Graduate Certificate  
  Secondary Mathematics Education Graduate Certificate  
  Secondary Science Education Graduate Certificate  
  Secondary Social Science Education Graduate Certificate  
  Social Justice Education Graduate Certificate  
  Special Education Comprehensive K-12 Graduate Certificate  
  Special Education Interventionist K-8 & 6-12 Graduate Certificate  
  STEM Leadership Graduate Certificate  
  World Languages (PreK-12) Graduate Certificate  
  Writing for Children and Teens Graduate Certificate  

Financial Assistance

The department offers a variety of scholarship and financial assistance opportunities and graduate assistantships for qualified students. For application forms visit the departmental website or contact our departmental office.


The department offers programs for students seeking Tennessee Licensure in the following areas – art education (K-12); ASL education (PreK-12); education of the deaf and hard of hearing (PreK-12); elementary teaching (K-5); mathematics education; science education; secondary content field teaching (6-12) in English education and English as a Second Language (PreK-12); sciences education; special education (K-12); World Language education (PreK-12); gifted education endorsement; reading endorsement. The program features a professional year internship with accompanying coursework, which may lead to a master’s degree with a major in teacher education. Specialized coursework leading to a certificate in Cultural Studies in Education, Rehabilitation Counseling for the Deaf and Urban Education (in the area of urban teaching) is also available. The department also offers a program designed for students interested in applied behavior analysis.

For admission, students must meet all current graduate school admission requirements, and departmental requirements, and program requirements in addition to submitting a graduate school and departmental application. For additional information about the various programs of study and admission, visit the departmental website.


Courses leading to a Non-Licensure Educational Studies Master’s concentration in STEM (Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Technology) with a specialization in Gifted Education are available via Distance Education. The department also offers a Distance Education option for a Specialist in Education degree with a major in Teacher Education with a concentration in Educational Technology and a Practitioner concentration for those employed as a Job-Embedded practitioner.


Faculty from the department participate in the delivery of the PhD with a major in education. Concentrations and specializations are available in literacy studies concentration (specialization in children’s and young adult literature, ESL or literacy education); special education, deaf education, and interpreter education concentrations; and teacher education concentration (specializations in cultural studies of educational foundations, elementary education, English education, mathematics education, science education, or social science education).

Information on admission appears at the beginning of the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences section of this catalog.