Jun 14, 2024  
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Public Health


Thankam Sunil, Head
Jennifer Russomanno, Director of Graduate Studies for MPH
Jennifer Perion, Director of Graduate Studies for MPH (online)
Laurie Meschke, Director of Graduate Studies for Doctoral
Julie Grubaugh, Director of Undergraduate Studies

Meschke, L., PhD – Penn State (University Park)
Sunil, T., PhD – International Institute for Population Sciences (India); PhD - North Texas   

Associate Professors    
Chen, J., MD, PhD – Beijing Medical (China); PhD – California (Davis) 
Ehrlich, S., PhD – California (Berkeley)

Assistant Professors      
Jones, D., PhD – Memphis
Shelton, B., PhD – Alabama
Smith, K., PhD – Johns Hopkins
Tran, P., PhD – Yale

Assistant Professors of Practice    
Parks, A., PhD – California (Los Angeles)
Perion, J., PhD – Ohio (Toledo)
Russomanno, J., PhD – Tennessee
Wotring, A., PhD – Ohio (Toledo)

Adjunct Faculty
Decker, J., DHA – South Carolina (Charleston)
Hahn, W., PhD – Purdue
Myers, C., PhD – Tennessee
Nobles, R., DrPH – Texas Health Science Center
Sayre, W., MD – Marshall (Huntington)

Grubaugh, J., MPH – Tennessee

Joint Appointment Faculty
Jarvandi, S., MD – Tehran University of Medical Sciences (Iran); PhD – McGill (Canada)
Washburn, L., DrPH - Arkansas Medical Sciences

Emeriti Faculty
Gorski, J., DrPH – California (Los Angeles)
Hamilton, C., DrPH – Oklahoma
Petty, G., PhD – Missouri (Columbia)

Major, Degrees
Public Health Major, MPH   
  Community Health Education Concentration
  Epidemiology Concentration
  Health Policy and Management Concentration
  Veterinary Public Health Concentration
Public Health Sciences Major, PhD  
Public Health Major, DrPH  
Dual MPH-MS Program, Public Health - Nutrition  
Dual MPH-DVM Program, Public Health - Veterinary Medicine   
Graduate Certificates
  Food Safety Graduate Certificate  (joint certificate with Department of Food Science)
  Health Policy Graduate Certificate  (joint certificate with College of Nursing)

The Department of Public Health is committed to providing high quality academic preparation for students to become effective public health professionals, scholars and teachers, and public health advocates in various health-related fields. The discipline of public health is rooted in the basic science of epidemiology, and integrates behavioral, social, and organizational sciences in a socio-ecological model whose ultimate aim is to improve the health of populations. The internal ethic of public health is a commitment to social justice and the elimination of health inequities between and among populations or population sub-groups.


Intercollegiate Graduate Statistics and Data Science Program

The Intercollegiate Graduate Statistics and Data Science Program is a formal University of Tennessee, Knoxville academic program housed within the Department of Business Analytics and Statistics, College of Business Administration, but made available to students enrolled in a variety of degree programs, including those in Public Health. Students in both the MPH and PhD programs in Public Health are eligible to earn a Intercollegiate Graduate Statistics and Data Science Minor  with 9-15 hours of approved coursework.