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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theory and Practice in Teacher Education

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Lynn Liao Hodge, Head
Tara Moore, Associate Head
Kristen Rearden, Associate Head
K. Stewart Waters, Associate Head
MariBeth Coleman-Lopatic, Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies
Yolanda Kirkpatrick, Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies

Aydeniz, M., PhD – Florida State
Bell, S., PhD – Tennessee
Botzakis, S., PhD – Georgia
Cihak, D., PhD – Georgia State
Davis, J., PhD – New Mexico
Groenke, S., PhD – Virginia Tech
Hodge, L., PhD – Vanderbilt
Laughter, J., PhD – Vanderbilt
Reed, D., PhD – Texas (Austin)
Wolbers, K., PhD – Michigan State
Yamagata-Lynch, L., PhD – Indiana

Associate Professors
Broemmel, A., PhD – Southern Illinois
Brown, C., EdD – George Washington
Coleman-Lopatic, M., PhD – Georgia State
Harper, F., PhD – Michigan State
Kenna, J., PhD – Central Florida
Moore, T., PhD – Vanderbilt
Philippakos, Z., – Delaware
Waters, S., PhD – Florida State

Assistant Professors
Bazis, P., PhD – Nebraska
Bertling, J., PhD – Georgia
Boucher, A., PhD – Texas (Austin)
Coda, J., PhD – Georgia (Athens)
Cosby, M., PhD – Michigan State
Moudgalya, S., PhD – Michigan State
Owens, J., PhD – Texas A&M
Reeves, S., PhD – Florida
Romero-Hall, E., PhD – Old Dominion
Rosenberg, J. – Michigan State
Secora, K., PhD – California San Diego and San Diego State
Skyer, M., PhD – Rochester
Starks, F., PhD – Georgia State
Wong, R., PhD – Washington State

Clinical Professor
Jordan, J., PhD – Tennessee
Rearden, K., PhD – Texas A and M

Clinical Associate Professors
Anderson, A., PhD – Tennessee
Hopkins, T., PhD – Tennessee
Kirkpatrick, Y., PhD – Tennessee
MacTavish, E., PhD – Tennessee
Smith, C., PhD - Tennessee

Clinical Assistant Professors
Al-Aseer, J., PhD – Tennessee
Rigell, A., PhD – Tennessee
Shahan, C., PhD – Gallaudet
Varnes, A., PhD – Tennessee
Wallace, K., PhD – Tennessee

Research Professor
Smith, D., PhD – Nebraska

Research Assistant Professor
Bowers, D., PhD – Michigan State
Dyer, E., PhD – Northwestern

Senior Lecturers
Alderman, D., MEd – Georgia (Athens)
Farley, C., MS – Tennessee
Haggard, A., MA – Gallaudet
Stricklen, W., MA – Denver

Cooper, S., PhD – Nebraska (Lincoln)
Davis, M., MA – San Diego State
Potts, M., MS – North Florida

Teaching Minors

Students who are earning a baccalaureate degree in the College of Arts and Sciences and who are also seeking teacher licensure in art education, English as a Second Language education, English education, social science education, or world language education must earn a minor (or the equivalent of a minor) in English as a Second Language education, world language education, or secondary education. Students interested in secondary mathematics or sciences undergraduate program teacher licensure must participate in the VolsTeach program.

Students should note that courses taken to satisfy the minor only partially fulfill teacher licensure requirements.


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