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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Sep 27, 2023  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Major Requirements    Minor Requirements

Deborah Welsh, Head
Todd Freeberg, Associate Head and Experimental Program Director
Erin Hardin, Associate Head and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Gina Owens, Counseling Program Director
Kristina Gordon, Clinical Program Director
Jeff Larsen, Experimental Program Director

Baghdoyan, H., PhD – Connecticut
Burghardt, G.M. (Alumni Distinguished Professor), PhD – Chicago
Corbetta, D., PhD – Geneva (Switzerland)
Datta, S., PhD – All India Inst. Med. Sci. (New Delhi)
Freeberg, T.M., PhD – Indiana
Gaertner, L., PhD – North Carolina
Gordon, K., PhD – North Carolina
Hardin, E., PhD – Ohio State
Larsen, J., PhD – Ohio State
Lee, T.M., PhD – Chicago
Lydic, R., PhD – Texas Tech
Moore, T., PhD – Virginia Tech
Olson, M., PhD – Indiana
Stuart, G.L., PhD – Indiana
Szymanski, D., PhD – Georgia
Welsh, D.P., PhD – Massachusetts

Associate Professors
Baldwin, D., PhD – Kent State
Cooper, M., PhD – Georgia
Flores, L., PhD – Texas
Hay, J.F., PhD – Texas
Hulsey, T., PhD – Tennessee
Levy, J., PhD – Indiana
Macfie, J., PhD – Rochester
Miles, J., PhD – Maryland
Owens, G., PhD – Kentucky
Reynolds, G.D., PhD – Virginia Tech

Assistant Professors
Bolden, J., PhD – Central Florida
Buss, A., PhD – Iowa
Elledge, C., PhD – Arkansas
Grzanka, P., PhD – Maryland
Lewis, J., PhD – Illinois
Ross-Sheehy, S., PhD – Iowa
Schulz, K., PhD – Michigan State
Shteynberg, G., PhD – Maryland

Distinguished Lecturer
Mahadevan, S., PhD – Florida State

Senior Lecturers
Cooper, E., PhD – Georgia
Rowinski, K., PhD – Tennessee

Edlis, G., PhD – Tennessee
Hackney, C., PhD – Tennessee
Seraphin, S., PhD – Emory
Tas, C., PhD – Iowa
Winford, E., PhD – North Carolina
Yates, A., PhD – Tennessee

Psychology studies the array of biological, environmental, and social influences on normal and abnormal behavior. Psychology studies behavior using both basic and applied scientific research strategies. The psychology major offers students the opportunity to learn about behavior as part of a general liberal arts degree applicable to a wide variety of careers and as preparation for an advanced degree in professional and graduate programs.