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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Sep 24, 2022  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Major Requirements   Minor Requirements 

Bentley, R.A., Professor and Head

Anderson, D.G., PhD – Michigan
Bentley, R.A., PhD – Wisconsin 
Heath, B.J., PhD – Pennsylvania, Associate Head
Kramer, A., PhD – Michigan
Simek, J.F. (Distinguished Professor), PhD – State University of New York (Binghamton)
Steadman, D.W. (Director Forensic Center), PhD – Chicago

Associate Professors
Auerbach, B.M., PhD – Johns Hopkins
Cabana, G.S., PhD – Michigan
Hepner, T.M., PhD – Michigan State
Mundorff, A.Z., PhD – Simon Fraser

Assistant Professors
Hollenbach, K.R., PhD – North Carolina
Janzen, A., PhD – California (Santa Cruz)
Swamy, R.H., PhD – Texas (Austin)

Research Associate Professors
Baumann, T.E. (Curator, F.H. McClung Museum), PhD – Tennessee
Vidoli, G.M. (Associate Director, Forensic Anthropology Center), PhD – Binghamton

Distingished Lecturers
Devlin, J.L. (Assistant Director, Forensic Center), PhD – Tennessee
Jantz, L.M. (Associate Director, Forensic Anthropology Center), PhD – Tennessee
Pendry, D.A., PhD – Texas

Klenk, R.M., PhD – Washington

Adjunct Professors
Bogard, J.S., PhD – Texas
Hackett, R.I.J. (Distinguished Professor of Humanities), PhD – Aberdeen
Harrison, F.V., PhD – Stanford
Konigsberg, L.W., PhD – Northwestern
Sullivan, L.P., PhD – Wisconsin (Milwaukee)
Van de Moortel, A., PhD – Bryn Mawr

Adjunct Associate Professors
Carter, D.O, PhD – James Cook
Dessel, J.P., PhD – Arizona
Reber, E.A., PhD – Harvard
Roseman, C.C., PhD – Stanford
Sherwood, S.C., PhD – Tennessee

Adjunct Assistant Professors
Algee-Hewitt, B.F.B., PhD – Tennessee
Butaric, L.N., PhD – Texas A and M
Collins-Elliott, S.A., PhD – Florida State
Douglas, J.C., PhD – Houston
Godde, K.M., PhD – Tennessee
Kellar, E.J., PhD – Syracuse
Kenyherz, M.W., PhD – Alaska
O’Connell, C.B.C., PhD – North Carolina
Spradley, M.K., PhD – Tennessee

Post-Doctoral Teaching Associates
Begrich, R., PhD – Johns Hopkins
Shirinian, T., PhD – Duke

Emeritus Faculty
Bass, W.M. III, PhD – Kansas
Chapman, J. (F.H. McClung Museum), PhD – North Carolina
Faulkner, C.M., PhD – Indiana
Howell, B.H., PhD – Kentucky
Jantz, R., PhD – Kansas
Klippel, W., PhD – Missouri
Schroedl, G.F., PhD – Washington State

Anthropology (literally the study of humans) is a broad and diverse field concerned with all aspects of the human condition – past, present and future. An undergraduate majoring in anthropology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, learns of this breadth and diversity by taking courses in cultural, biological, and archaeological anthropology. The major is designed so that all students are trained in these primary subfields, but the curriculum also allows the student to concentrate in those aspects of anthropology that she/he finds most interesting. The undergraduate who earns a Bachelor of Arts with a major in anthropology from UT Knoxville is prepared to enter careers in a variety of fields such as health, education, government, law, social work, and human services. If the student is interested in a career as a professional anthropologist, graduate training is a necessity. The excellence of the faculty and the relevance of available courses in the department afford future anthropologists the undergraduate background necessary to pursue advanced degrees.