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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Conrad Plaut, Head
Xiaobing Feng, Director of Graduate Studies

Alexiades, V., PhD – Delaware
Brodskiy, N., PhD – Saskatchewan (Canada)
Chen, X., PhD – Case Western
Collins, C., PhD – Minnesota
Dydak, J., PhD – Warsaw (Poland)
Feng, X., PhD – Purdue
Frazier, M., PhD – California (Los Angeles)
Gavrilets, S., PhD – Moscow State
Gross, L., PhD – Cornell
Karakashian, O., PhD – Harvard
Lenhart, S., PhD – Kentucky
Mulay, S., PhD – Purdue
Plaut, C.P., PhD – Maryland
Rajput, B.S., PhD – Illinois
Richter, S., PhD – Michigan
Rosinski, J., PhD – Wroclaw (Poland)
Schulze, T., PhD – Northwestern
Simpson, H., PhD – California Institute of Technology
Stephenson, K.R., PhD – Wisconsin
Sundberg, C., PhD – Wisconsin
Thistlethwaite, M., PhD – Manchester (UK)
Todorova, G.H., PhD – Moscow State (Russia)
Webster, C., PhD – Florida State
Wise, S., PhD – Virginia

Associate Professors
Day, J., PhD – Pittsburgh
Denzler, J., PhD – ETH (Zurich)
Fefferman, N., PhD – Tufts
Finotti, L., PhD – Texas
Freire, A., PhD – Princeton
Ganusov, V., PhD – Emory
Lind, J., PhD – Washington
Maroulas, V., PhD – North Carolina
Nicoara, R., PhD – UCLA
Salgado-Gonzales, A., PhD – Texas A & M

Assistant Professors
Bourni, T., PhD – Stanford
Chen, Y., PhD – British Columbia
Cartwright, D., PhD – California (Berkeley)
Jameson, M., PhD – Emory
Langford, M., PhD – Australian National
Mengesha, T., PhD – Temple
Phan, T., PhD – Minnesota
Strickland, W., PhD – Colorado State

Joint Faculty
Berry, M., PhD – Illinois
Evans, K., PhD – Georgia Tech
Hauck, C., PhD – Maryland

Bonee, K., MS – Tennessee
Booth, H., PhD – Princeton
Caldwell, J., PhD – Illinois
Clark, J., PhD – Tennessee
Conner, A., MM – Tennessee
Contole, A., MM – Tennessee
Cook, T., MS – Tennessee
Fowler, J., MA – Kentucky
Fridman, T., PhD – Rutgers
Gelantalis, M., PhD – Indiana
Gilbert, M., MS – Tennessee
Guest, R., MS – Baylor
Long, J., PhD – Michigan
Peery, M., MM – Tennessee
Papadopulos, P., PhD – Rochester
Pringle, K., PhD – Oregon
Remus, C., MS – Tennessee
Self, C., MS – Tennessee
Smith, K., MM – Tennessee
Stein, D., MS – Tennessee
Sukanek, K., MS – Mississippi
Swenson, M., PhD – Texas
Unseren, M., PhD – Purdue
Von Herrmann, A., PhD – Colorado State
Wolf, A., PhD – Emory
Wright, G., MM – Tennessee

Mathematics MMath
Mathematics MS
     Applied mathematics concentration  
Mathematics PhD
  Mathematical ecology/evolution concentration   

The Mathematics Department has three graduate degrees – the Master of Mathematics degree, intended primarily for teachers; the Master of Science degree, designed to prepare students for industrial employment and for teaching; and the Doctor of Philosophy degree, designed to prepare students for industrial employment and for college and university teaching and research. Contact the department office for additional information.

A graduate minor in mathematics requires at least 6 credit hours of resident graduate credit in courses numbered above 400. The courses must be approved by both the major department and the Department of Mathematics.

For additional information, please visit the graduate website on the Department of Mathematics’ homepage at

Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Computational Science (IGMCS)

The Department of Mathematics participates in the interdisciplinary graduate minor in computational science (IGMCS) program. Any student pursuing a master’s or PhD with a major in mathematics can receive a minor in computational science by completing the appropriate IGMCS requirements. For additional information, see the description of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Computational Science  listed under Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science or visit the IGMCS website at The Department of Mathematics also contributes courses to the IGMCS program curriculum.

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