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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Ronald Kalafsky, Head

Alderman, D.H., PhD – Georgia
Bhaduri, B. (Joint Faculty), PhD – Purdue
Foresta, R.A., PhD – Rutgers
Grissino-Mayer, H.D., PhD – Arizona
Horn, S.P., PhD – California (Berkeley)
Kalafsky, R.V., PhD – New York (Buffalo)
Shaw, S.L., PhD – Ohio State
Tran, L.T., PhD – Hawaii

Associate Professors
Li, Y., PhD – Beijing
Nagle, N.N. (Joint Faculty), PhD – California (Santa Barbara)
van Riemsdijk, M., PhD – Colorado

Assistant Professors
Ellis, K.N., PhD – Florida State
Hu, Y., PhD – California (Santa Barbara)
Kim, H., PhD – Ohio State
Munoz, I. S., PhD – Texas (Austin)
Raposo, P., PhD – Penn State
Sharma, M., PhD – Ohio State
Stewart, R.N. (Joint Faculty), PhD – Tennessee
Washington-Allen, R., PhD – Utah State

Adjunct Faculty
Caffrey, M., PhD – Tennessee
Harbor, J., PhD – Washington
Heric, J., PhD – Virginia Tech
Lane, C., PhD – Tennessee
Liu, C., PhD – Tennessee
Orvis, K.H., PhD – California (Berkeley)
Pavlowsky, R., PhD – Wisconsin (Madison)
Wang, D., PhD – Tennessee

Geography  MS, PhD

The master’s degree emphasizes development of professional competence as a geographer and offers opportunities to gain substantial depth in a concentration or a major technique. An emphasis in geographic information science is available for students who have appropriate backgrounds in mathematics and computer science. The doctoral program is for those who have demonstrated proficiency in conducting independent research. The department is particularly well-qualified to direct graduate work in location analysis and transportation geography; urban and economic geography; population, migration, and demography; geographies of race, ethnicity, and social justice; climate change and environmental history; human-environmental interaction; and the geography of the natural environment (especially biogeography and geomorphology); and Geographic Information Science. The faculty is qualified to direct students from a variety of approaches ranging from historical, qualitative, and social theoretical to quantitative, computational, and geospatial.

Environmental Policy Minor

The department participates in a program designed to give graduate students an opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary specialization in environmental policy. See Department of Political Science  for program description.

Interdisciplinary Watershed Minor

The department participates in the watershed minor program designed for both undergraduate and graduate students. See Interdisciplinary Watershed Minor  for program details.            

Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Computational Science (IGMCS)

The Department of Geography participates in the interdisciplinary graduate minor in computational science (IGMCS) program. Any student pursuing a master’s or PhD with a major in geography can receive a minor in computational science by completing the appropriate IGMCS requirements. For additional information, see the description of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Computational Science  listed under Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science or visit the IGMCS website at

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