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2017-2018 Graduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Aleydis Van de Moortel, Head

Craig, C.P., PhD – North Carolina
Martin, S.D., PhD – Michigan

Associate Professors
Lafferty, M.K., PhD – Toronto (Canada)
Sklenar, R.J., PhD – Michigan
Van de Moortel, A. (Lindsay Young Professor), PhD – Bryn Mawr

Assistant Professor
Arft, J.T., PhD – Missouri
Collins-Elliott, S.A., PhD – Florida State
Friend, J.L., PhD – Texas
Vergados, A., PhD – Virginia

Research Professors
Gesell, G.C., PhD – North Carolina
Langdon, M.K., PhD – Pennsylvania

Kopestonsky, T.B., PhD – New York (Buffalo)
Moore, D.W., PhD – Virginia
Westerhold, J.A., PhD – Toronto (Canada)

Adjunct Faculty
Burman, T.E., PhD – Toronto (Canada)
Darby, E., PhD – Duke
Dessel, J.P., PhD – Arizona
Dzon, M., PhD – Toronto (Canada)
Heffernan, T.J., PhD – Cambridge (UK)
Shaw, J.C., PhD – Washington (St. Louis)
Shepardson, C., PhD – Duke

The graduate courses in the Classics include the wider reading of Greek and Latin authors in a selected field, a more detailed study of the genres and themes of classical literature, and a more detailed study of the material culture and civilizations of the Mediterranean world in Greek and Roman times.

Students admitted to the Master of Arts with a major in anthropology may pursue a concentration in Mediterranean archaeology (see Department of Anthropology ).

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