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2016-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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Bamin Khomami, Head
Eric T. Boder,
Director of Graduate Studies

Counce, R.M., PhD – Tennessee
Edwards, B.J., PhD – Delaware
Frymier, P.D., PhD – Virginia
Kalyanaraman, R., PhD – North Carolina State
Khomami, B. (Granger and Beaman Distinguished University Professor), PhD – Illinois
Kilbey, S.M., PhD – Minnesota
Paddison, S.J. (Gibson Endowed Chair in Engineering), PhD – Calgary (Canada)
Ragauskas, A.J. (Governor’s Chair), PhD – Western Ontario
Zawodzinski, T.A. (Governor’s Chair), PhD – SUNY (Buffalo)

Associate Professors
Boder, E.T., PhD – Illinois
Dalhaimer, P.M., PhD – Pennsylvania
Doxastakis, M., PhD – Patras
Guo, Z., PhD – Louisiana State
Papandrew, A.B. (Research), PhD – California Institute of Technology
Stein, G., PhD – California (Santa Barbara)

Assistant Professors
Abel, S.M., PhD – Stanford
Laursen, S., PhD – Michigan
Sangoro, J.R., PhD – University of Leipzig
Trinh, C., PhD – Minnesota

Adjunct Faculty
Bienkowski, P.R., PhD – Purdue
Bruce, B., PhD – California (Berkeley)
Chen, W.R., PhD – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cox, C., PhD – Penn State
Dadmun, M., PhD – Massachusetts
Daw, S., PhD – Tennessee
Downs, J.J., PhD – Tennessee
Hayes, D.G., PhD – Michigan
Joy, D., DPhil – Oxford
Mukherjee, D., PhD – Minnesota
Rials, T.G., PhD – Virginia Tech
Watson, J.S., PhD – Tennessee

Eastman Professor of Practice
Raghavan, S., PhD – Louisiana State

Emeriti Faculty
Moore, C.F., PhD, PE – Louisiana State
Prados, J.W., PhD, PE – Tennessee
Wang, T.W., PhD – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Chemical Engineering MS, PhD
  Energy Science and Engineering concentration PhD only
Chemical Engineering MS-MBA
Reliability and Maintainability Engineering MS
  Chemical Engineering concentration  
Graduate Certificate Programs
  Reliability and Maintainability Engineering (Chemical and Biomolecular concentration)

Core Graduate Classes in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

A graduate degree in chemical engineering requires mastery of the core fundamentals of the discipline. These fundamentals are represented by four core courses – CBE 506 , CBE 531 , CBE 547  and CBE 579 . Both the master’s (thesis and non-thesis) and doctoral degrees in chemical engineering require the successful completion of these core courses.

Additional Coursework

In addition to the core classes, supplementary course work appropriate for each graduate degree will be needed. The course work beyond the core courses is determined in consultation with the student’s advisor and dissertation or thesis committee and must be approved by the committee and the department head.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Computational Science (IGMCS)

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering participates in the interdisciplinary graduate minor in computational science (IGMCS) program. Any student pursuing a MS or PhD with a major in chemical engineering can receive a minor in computational science by completing the appropriate IGMCS requirements. For additional information, see the description of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Computational Science  listed under Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science or visit the IGMCS website at http://igmcs.utk.edu/. The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering also contributes courses to the IGMCS program curriculum.

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