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    University of Tennessee, Knoxville
    Nov 28, 2023  
2009-2010 Graduate Catalog 
2009-2010 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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J. Charles Maland, Head
Allen Dunn, Graduate Program Director

Atwill, J.M., PhD - Purdue
Bellamy, E.J., PhD - Duke
Cox, D.R. (Executive Associate Dean), PhD - Missouri
Dumas, B.K., PhD - Arkansas
Dunn, A.R., PhD - Washington
Garner, Jr., S.B. (Almuni Distinguished Humanities Professor), PhD - Princeton
Goslee, D.F., PhD - Yale
Heffernan, T.J.A. (Curry Professor), PhD - Cambridge (UK)
Jennings, L.D. (Young Professor), PhD - North Carolina
Kallet, M. (Young Professor), PhD - Rutgers
Keene, M.L., PhD - Texas
Knight, M., MFA - Virginia
Leki, I., PhD - Illinois
Liuzza, R.M., PhD - Yale
Lofaro, M.A. (Young Professor), PhD - Maryland
Luprecht, M.A., PhD - Florida State
Maland, C., PhD - Michigan
Papke, M.E., PhD - McGill (Canada)
Smith, A.E., PhD - Houston
Stillman, R.E. (Young Professor), PhD - Pennsylvania
Wier, A., MFA - Bowling Green
Zomchick, J.P. (Associate Dean), PhD - Columbia
Associate Professors
Anderson, M.G., PhD - Vanderbilt
Billone, A.C., PhD - Princeton
Elias, A.J., PhD - Penn State
Haddox, T.F., PhD - Vanderbilt
Hirschfeld, H.A., PhD - Duke
Hirst, R., PhD - Rensselaer Polytechnic
Howes, L.L., PhD - Columbia
Reiff, M.J., PhD - Kansas
Schoenbach, L.M., PhD - Virginia
Seshagiri, U. (Carroll Teaching Professor), PhD - Illinois
Assistant Professors
Coleman, D.D., PhD - Stanford
Dzon, M.C., PhD - Toronto (Canada)
Fishman, J.M., PhD - Stanford
Griffin, M., PhD - California (Los Angeles)
Hardwig, W.J., PhD - Florida
Barrow, R., PhD - Iowa
Brouwers, M.H., PhD - Western Michigan
Burton, J.C., PhD - State University of New York (Stony Brook)
Caleb, A.M., PhD - Sheffield (UK)
Capps, S.E., PhD - Tennessee
Craig, J.P., PhD - Iowa
Dolloff, M.K., PhD - Texas
Goddard, K.C., MA - Tennessee
Hardwig, M.R., PhD - Tennessee
Harris, S.C., PhD - Tennessee
Havens, K.L., PhD - Tennessee
Hewitson, J.K., PhD - Toronto (Canada)
Hofer, L., PhD - Tennessee
Knox, L., MA - Indiana
Larsen, W.B., PhD - Tennessee
MacCartey, K., PhD - Warwick (UK)
McCarroll, M., PhD - Tennessee
McCue, K., MA - Tennessee
McDowell, M.R., MA - Tennessee
McKinstry, D., PhD - Tennessee
Melton, S.E., PhD - Tennessee
Meredith, E.G., MA - Tennessee
Murphy, S.A., PhD - George Washington
Newburn, H.F., PhD - Illinois (Carbondale)
Nicks, R.J.G., PhD - Florida
Pearson, S., PhD - Georgia
Peavler, J.L., MA - Tennessee
Pelletier, E.Y., PhD - Toronto (Canada)
Sheffield, C.L., MA - Radford
Smith, E., PhD - S. Mississippi
Spirko, R.L., PhD - North Carolina
Wilhelm, R., PhD - Tennessee
Yost, R., M.A. - Tennessee
Writing Center Director
Benson, K.F., EdD - Tennessee




   Writing concentration   


The Department of English offers the Master of Arts and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees with a major in English. Thesis and non-thesis options are available for the MA, as well as a special concentration in writing. The department also offers a creative writing dissertation option in the doctoral program.

Detailed information about the master’s and doctoral programs and individual graduate courses may be obtained by writing the Director of Graduate Studies in English, 306 McClung Tower. A prospective student may contact the department for application forms and procedures or may download them from the departmental graduate website at For additional information, please visit the graduate website through the College of Arts and Sciences home page at

The Department of English does not accept students in nondegree or provisional status. A student who wishes to enter the department must apply in degree-seeking status for his/her application to receive consideration for admission to any graduate program in English.

Important Note: Students enrolling in English graduate courses must first register in the Office of the Director of Graduate Studies in 306 McClung Tower.

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