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2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog 
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University Studies

Neil Greenberg, Chair


University Studies has three general objectives – to foster interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship, especially across departmental and collegiate boundaries; to promote active and integrative learning; and to nurture the scholarly and creative development of faculty, staff, and students.

In pursuit of these objectives, University Studies sponsors several activities.  Faculty colloquies are ongoing, structured, interdisciplinary conversations on a topic or nexus of topics. Colloquies explore important contemporary issues from the perspectives of faculty and students from different disciplines and colleges. Advanced undergraduate and graduate students may attend by permission of colloquy coordinator.

Current colloquies include Appalachian Forum; Applied Phenomenological Studies; Critical Theory; History and Philosophy of Science and Technology; Spirituality and Critical Inquiry; and Spirituality and Health. Colloquies continue as long as they have faculty involvement. Colloquies typically form when faculty from different disciplines recognize shared interests that might be productively pursued in the context of continuing discussions in which each other’s insights are shared and explored.

Interdisciplinary undergraduate courses are innovative offerings that are typically collaborative or team-taught. Most courses stem from the interdisciplinary colloquy discussions. There are several honors offerings for undergraduates. In addition, Chancellor’s Honors Program students are encouraged to take a University Studies (200-level or higher) course during their first two years to help fulfill their honors courses requirement.

Centripetals are monthly faculty and staff luncheons held over the academic year designed to encourage interdisciplinary conversation among faculty and staff about their creative and scholarly work. University Studies also works with other units across campus to facilitate visits by distinguished scholars of multidisciplinary interests. Such visiting scholars work with faculty groups on specific projects, participate in interdisciplinary forums, or present special lectures.

For further information, contact
Dr. Neil Greenberg, Chair
University Studies Program
F239 Walters Life Science Building
Phone (865) 974-8177
FAX (865) 974-2665
E-mail unistudy@utk.edu