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2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog 
2009-2010 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chancellor’s Honors Program

Steven P. Dandaneau, Associate Vice Provost and Director
Kathryn Salzer, Associate Director


The Chancellor’s Honors Program is the University of Tennessee’s principal honors program, serving 5% of students and representing the majors in all nine of the university’s undergraduate colleges. The Chancellor’s Honors Program is built on four cornerstones: course work, community, research, and participation in the Ready for the World Initiative. Featuring limited enrollments and dynamic faculty, enhanced and enriched honors course work is offered by the Chancellor’s Honors Program, as well as by departments across the university. Based in Morrill Hall, the honors living/learning community welcomes first-year, as well as returning, Chancellor’s Honors students, as does the Honors Council, the Chancellor’s Honors Program student government. Chancellor’s Honors students may also benefit from exclusive grants in support of required Senior Projects and required international or intercultural learning. In recognition of their exceptional academic achievement, Chancellor’s Honors students receive special graduation recognitions.

The Chancellor’s Honors Program anchors the University of Tennessee’s uniquely decentralized system of honors programs and opportunities. Chancellor’s Honors students are encouraged to participate in one or more of the University of Tennessee’s many specialized college or departmental honors programs.


The Chancellor’s Honors Program is available to entering freshmen and to qualified transfer and sophomore students. High school seniors with superior academic credentials are encouraged to apply. While there is no required minimum high school GPA or minimum ACT/SAT score, recent entering classes have had an average high school GPA of 4.0 and an average composite ACT of 31.

Transfer students who have earned at least a 3.5 GPA in another honors program are eligible to apply, as are continuing UT students who have earned a minimum GPA of 3.25 on courses taken at UT Knoxville.


In addition to required work in their respective colleges, Chancellor’s Honors students complete

  • ENGL 118  (required), except for (1) incoming students with a 4 or 5 on the Literature and Composition AP test or with dual-enrollment credit for ENGL 101  and ENGL 102 , and (2) incoming students with a 4 or 5 on the Language and Composition AP test or with dual-enrollment credit for ENGL 101  (and who must, therefore, enroll in ENGL 102 ).
  • One 1-credit University Honors seminar (University Honors 100).
  • One 200-level University Honors seminar to be completed during the second semester of freshman year.
  • Four additional 100- or 200- level honors courses selected from University Honors courses or departmental honors offerings.
  • Two upper-division honors courses in their major (Honors-by-Contract or Honors Independent Study may be substituted). 1
  • One 3-credit senior project (University Honors 499 or equivalent approved by CHP).

TOTAL: 25-28 credit hours of honors course work.

All Chancellor’s Honors students are required to undertake approved international/intercultural learning to fulfill the Chancellor’s Honors Program graduation requirements. The international/intercultural graduation requirement may be fulfilled through participation in an approved study-abroad program, an approved international/intercultural internship, or via the completion of an undergraduate major or minor in a foreign language.

1 Honors-by-Contract: Customized approach in an upper-division course in the student’s academic major, through completion of a written contract delineating additional effort. The contract must be submitted to CHP by the third week of the semester. Honors-by-Contract is available to Chancellor’s Honors students, College Scholars, and students participating in a departmental or college-level honors program at UT Knoxville.