2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Apr 26, 2018  
2011-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Classics Major, BA - Classical Archaeology Concentration

College Requirements

Arts and Sciences 

Major Requirements

The concentration in classical archaeology consists of 27 hours.

D. Select 3 hours:

E. Select 9 hours:

 any 200-level or above Classics courses (excluding CLAS 273 )


The student must satisfy the College's foreign language requirement with Greek, Latin, French or German.


Honors Classical Archaeology Concentration

The Honors Classical Archaeology Concentration consists of 30 hours. The required core of the major is CLAS 232, which the student must pass with a B+ or higher. 9 hours may be from any Classics course numbered 200 or above (excluding CLAS 273). In strict consultation with a departmental advisor, the student pursuing Honors in Classical Archaeology will select an additional 15 hours from CLAS 301, CLAS 302, CLAS 303, CLAS 304, CLAS 305, CLAS 306, CLAS 436, CLAS 442, CLAS 443, CLAS 444, CLAS 445, CLAS 461; ANTH 361, ANTH 362, ANTH 435, ANTH 463, ANTH 464; HIST 382, HIST 400, HIST 486, to design a program that will advance his or her understanding of a particular specialty within the field of Classical Archaeology. The student must satisfy the College’s foreign language requirement with Greek, Latin, French or German. To graduate with Honors, the student must maintain a minimum B+ average in Classics department courses and a minimum cumulative B+ average at UT. In total, the student must take a minimum of 15 hours of Honors courses, not all of which need to be in the major subject area. The student will present an Honors thesis, for which 3 hours of independent study credit will be earned; the thesis must receive a grade of B+ or higher to permit graduation with Honors.