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University of Tennessee, Knoxville    
  Feb 18, 2018
2009-2010 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nutritional Sciences Major, PhD

The PhD enables students to study the science of nutrition from the cellular/molecular level to the application of nutrition principles by people in a changing environment.
The doctoral program emphasizes cellular/molecular nutrition, human nutrition, nutritional epidemiology, and experimental nutrition. Cognate areas may include anthropology, biochemistry, chemistry, communications, education, food technology, human development, physiology, public health, sociology, statistics, and/or toxicology. A minimum of 24 hours of graduate course work (graded A-F) beyond the master‘s degree is required.


  • 16 hours in nutrition; these must include NUTR 511 , NUTR 512 , and NUTR 541  and 4 hours of NUTR 540  (attendance required every semester). 
  • 9 hours at the 600 level (exclusive of dissertation); at least 4 of these hours must be in nutrition.