2015-2016 Graduate Catalog 
    Sep 21, 2018  
2015-2016 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chemistry Major, PhD

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The requirements for the PhD in chemistry (except for the chemical physics concentration) consist of the satisfactory completion of the following requirements.

  • Research and a dissertation to give at least 24 hours of graduate credit in CHEM 600 . Registration must be continuous from the beginning of research.
  • Required participation in seminar (CHEM 501 ) at the beginning of the period of graduate study until 6 hours of satisfactory credit has been obtained.
  • Prescribed courses based on performance on diagnostic examinations.
  • Preparation of a written candidacy proposal (CP) based on current and proposed research and oral defense of the CP to give 2 hours credit in CHEM 603 .
  • Preparation and defense of an original research proposal (ORP) to give 1 hour of credit in CHEM 604 .
  • 18 additional hours in courses at the 500-level or above including at least one course above 604 and one of the following sequences:  CHEM 510 -CHEM 511 -CHEM 513 ; CHEM 530 -CHEM 531 -CHEM 532 -CHEM 533 ; CHEM 550 -CHEM 551 -CHEM 552 -CHEM 553 CHEM 570 -CHEM 571 -CHEM 572 -CHEM 573 ;  or CHEM 590 -CHEM 594 -CHEM 595 , CHEM 596 .
  • A final oral examination.
  • Graduation with a PhD in Chemistry requires the publication of a minimum of one article in a peer-reviewed journal describing research performed during graduate studies.

The PhD program with a concentration in chemical physics is conducted jointly with the Department of Physics. Requirements depend on the choice of the major department. Chemistry departmental requirements include passing the above degree requirements plus 6 additional hours in physics at the 500-level or above. Three of the additional physics hours can be used to satisfy the 18 hours requirement listed above.

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