2011-2012 Graduate Catalog 
    Jun 22, 2018  
2011-2012 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Dayakar Penumadu, Head
Chris D. Cox,
Director of Graduate Studies

Alshibli, K.A., PhD, PE - Colorado
Bennett, R.M. (Director, Engage Engineering Fundamentals Division), PhD, PE - Illinois
Burdette, E.G. (Fred N. Peebles Professor), PhD, PE - Illinois
Cox, C.D. (Associate Head), PhD, PE - Penn State
Davis, W.T. (Dean), PhD - Tennessee
Han, L.D., PhD - California (Berkeley)
Loeffler, F. (Governor's Chair Professor), PhD, Harburg (Germany)
Penumadu, D. (Fred N. Peebles Professor), (JIAM Chair of Excellence), PhD - Georgia Tech
Reed, G.D. (Associate Vice Chancellor), PhD, PE - Arkansas
Associate Professors
Fu, J., PhD - North Carolina State
Gentry, R. (President, University of Tennessee Research Foundation), PhD, PE - Memphis
Huang, B., PhD, PE - Louisiana State
Ma, Z., PhD, PE - Nebraska
Richards, S.H., PhD, PE - Tennessee
Robinson, K.G., PhD - Virginia Tech
Schwartz, J., PhD, PE - Illinois
Assistant Professors
Attard, T.L., PhD - Arizona State
Cherry, C., PhD - California (Berkeley)
He, Q., PhD - Illinois
Mason, J.A., PhD, PE - Cornell
Palomino, A.M., PhD - Georgia Tech
Ryerson, M.S., PhD - California (Berkeley)
Tootle, G., PhD - Nevada (Las Vegas)
Zhao, Q., PhD - California (Berkeley)
Emeriti Faculty
Chatterjee, A., PhD, PE - North Carolina State
Deatherage, J.H., PhD, PE - Tennessee
Goodpasture, D.W., PhD, PE - Illinois
Robinson, R.B., PhD, PE - Iowa State
Tschantz, B.A., ScD, PE - New Mexico State
Wegmann, F.J., PhD - Northwestern
Civil Engineering   MS, PhD
    Construction Engineering concentration    
  Geotechnical/Materials Engineering concentration     
  Public Works Engineering concentration    
  Structural Engineering concentration    
  Transportation Engineering concentration    
  Climate Impacts Engineering concentration   PhD only
  Energy Science and Engineering concentration   PhD only
  Environmental Engineering concentration   PhD only
  Water Resources Engineering concentration   PhD only
Civil Engineering   MS-MBA
Environmental Engineering   MS-MBA
Environmental Engineering   MS
  Water Resources Engineering concentration    


Environmental Policy Minor
The department participates in a program designed to give graduate students an opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary specialization in environmental policy. See Environmental Policy Minor  for program description.


Five-Year BS-MS Program
Civil Engineering (BS)
Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering (MS)

The department offers a 5-year BS-MS program with a BS (major in civil engineering) and an MS (major in civil engineering or environmental engineering) for qualified students. The primary component of the program is that qualified students may take up to 6 hours of approved graduate courses for their senior undergraduate electives and have them count toward both their bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Tennessee. This program is designed for students attending the University of Tennessee for their Master of Science degree because other universities may not accept these courses for graduate credit since they were used to satisfy requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree. Significant components of the program are:

  • Students must have an overall GPA of 3.4 in required course work. Conditional admission to the 5-year program may be granted after completion of 64 hours of required course work, while full admission may be granted after the completion of 96 hours of required course work with a minimum GPA of 3.4.
  • Admission must be approved by the department and the Graduate School.
  • Students must at least be conditionally admitted to the program prior to taking courses that receive credit for both the BS and MS degrees. All courses taken for graduate credit must be approved by the director of graduate studies. Students admitted to the program must request permission from the Graduate School to take approved courses for graduate credit. Students admitted to the program must also follow the normal procedure for admission to the Graduate School.
  • Students will not be eligible for assistantships until they are enrolled as graduate-level students in the Graduate School.


Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Computational Science (IGMCS)
The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering participates in the interdisciplinary graduate minor in computational science (IGMCS) program. Any student pursuing a MS or PhD with a major in civil engineering or an MS with a major in environmental engineering can receive a minor in computational science by completing the appropriate IGMCS requirements. For additional information, see the description of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Computational Science  listed under Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science or visit the IGMCS website at http://igmcs.utk.edu/. The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering also contributes courses to the IGMCS program curriculum.


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